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Mend Wounds needs some help

TheElderScrolls9 - Mend Wounds needs some help

ok so i've been testing out and playing with mend wounds and it's a really cool skill with some oversights and fucked up bits.

first up, and probably the only suggestion here i think absolutely must happen: you don't generate ultimate when healing people, unlike weapons which generate a bunch of ultimate over time even if you only hit an enemy once every like 10 seconds or so (30 ultimate over 10s iirc?), so i think that it should proc the same ultimate generation when you heal someone (not just hit them with the spell but actually restoring health to match how proper weapons function). edit: I MAY HAVE LIED ABOUT THIS ONE! i just threw a heal at a guy coming out of pvp and it seemed to trigger the ult gen, testing in a dungeon now. edit 2: yeah i was wrong, you and/or your target need to be in combat and the skill needs to restore hp to trigger the ult gen. woops.

the skill itself is, while interesting, pretty lackluster and doesn't really merit an active bar slot (especially since it can be activated in the backbar then you can switch to a full suite of skills on the front bar)and i think that the toggle should remain active regardless of weapon switching BUT only change the light/heavy attacks when it is on the active bar.


in addition to this change, it should either have a strong passive effect while slotted (increased healing done? increased healing spell power? increased total magicka and/or recovery? more ultimate gain whenever you heal someone with any spell on a cooldown? idk, supporty stuff to validate it being in a spot while being a sorta lukewarm skill) OR be buffed significantly (especially its morphs, mend spirit is pretty good but hard to keep up on a bunch of people and symbiosis is just how the spell should work at a baseline. maybe buff the resists from mend spirit based on some ratio of spell damage? and symbiosis should make it have an aoe component like allies passing through the tether get healed? basically, definitively make one more single target oriented and the other aoe)

as well, and this one is more bug than anything, using an ice staff with tri focus allocated underneath the mend wounds toggle should still allow the player to block/shove with magicka rather than stamina. this could also be the spell's passive to give more options for magicka oriented blocking. (i'm not sure if there are other passives that are overwritten by mend wounds, but i did confirm the resto staff healing bonus on low hp was still in effect underneath it)

last, but not least, it would be really cool if mend wounds had 2 different heavy attacks: the first which is what it is now, tethering to an ally and healing them over time, and a new second which can only be used when *not* targeting an ally which either charges up a stronger single target heal (kinda similarly to how destro staves can charge up a shot without needing to be targeting an enemy) or a charged aoe heal (maybe that could be a morph specific thing?

so, yeah. that's a thing. thots?

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