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message feedback to veteran who make pvp guide build videos

TheElderScrolls14 - message feedback to veteran who make pvp guide build videos

im new player here so this post not mean any salt but just to help my other fellow new players

1- for love of god and all things make it ( non-cp/bg videos ) i see many and big youtuber just make guide basically for veterans that already doesn't need guide cuz they know whats going on with meta and we already just have 100-250 at max and for alot of us we need to play cp at 810 so we use our full potential , even with full cp alot of us will still want to play non-cp because the gear we made and understand how meta works during our whole playtime from lvl 10 to 809 is non-cp also non-cp build works for bg/non-cp compare to veterans who can change their golden sets in a matter of sec this is not our case

2-again for love of god if you wanna try build use purple gear and show us how your build performance as purple because we don't have gold and if we have gold we don't want to spend our money until 1k hours of gameplay so we know which set will work for us and which isn't cuz no new player would ever would take such a risk , so show your gameplay say bg/no-cp gameplay with purple

3-finally explain every small details like why i use X glyph and why not use this weapon glyph instead and try to compare stuff so we know the reason behind pick

4-do not play in pre-made group , i see alot of bad builds people made the team/friends doing really good job to the point it doesn't show the the flaws of the build he use in video

5- i see alot of videos people in open world making video about (bg ) build and their cp effect their stats heavily please avoid this error at all cost and say in video ( i disable or reset my cp so people don't assume your like other youtubers who just show their stats in open world with cp or show it in bg before match start )


6-try to tell players how to X gear easy cheap for example , lets say you make a video about sorcerer using necropotence + shacklebreaker and you use shacklebreaker necklass + two ring and guess what ? they cost +300k thats not an option for new players , you would say to yourself ( hmm its okay they could use necropotence jewels is much cheaper and replace the 3 necropotence armor to get shacklebreaker stats , little you know we came from other mmo's were build is basically copy/paste and there is people out there take your word as bible so try focus on this point its critical , you could also think hmm maybe buy blue shacklebreaker and upgrade it , sure but alot of us don't have summerset expansion nor have time to max jewel craft because of time consuming or maybe we lvl up different craft right now

7- for me been playing the game for 554 hours and i only knew recently that contact crafter to craft you stuff is x1000 cheaper than using random AH or tamerial trade center website from my experience so keep that in mind for new players

8- this one is little bit differet and random but its from my experince , i was gonna quit the game forever just purely because NB 1 shot build or that buff up and do insane damage to me as sorc , until i figure out that it wasn't my fault and i could defeat any build except NB its just really strong in non-cp more than cp by alot , and when i enter bg match that doesn't have NB in it i get 8/1/12 , for me i didn't surrender and i get gid as i hardcore in nature , but for new players the moment they get 1 shotted they will say yeah i quit , so try to make sure talking about NB or any 1 shot builds that you should be careful from and how to counter it , and from my experince and chat with alot of twitch streamers there is no real counter but hey thats my opinion

PS: sorry english not my main language

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