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[Meta Report?] Alliance War Day 3: Classes Powerranking

TheElderScrolls5 - [Meta Report?] Alliance War Day 3: Classes Powerranking

Just my opinions, people are very welcome and encouraged to disagree :-D!

Tier 1Tribunal Temple, Telvanni.
Tier 2Guildsworn, Hlaalu, Crusader. Ebonheart, Covenant.
Tier 2.5Empire, Assassin, Scout, Battlemage, Sorcerer, Archer, Dagoth.
Tier 3Monk, Mage, Warrior, Spellsword, Redoran, Ebonheart, Covenant.
Tier 999Aldmeri Dominion.

  • Tribunal Temple.

Nothing truly changed for Tribunal, they got a few new strong defensive tools and their general gameplan of play removal, banish threats seems largely unaffected. Top tier.

  • Telvanni.

The Conscription deck actually got a massive buff with Debilitate now being available to Telvanni, essentially guaranteeing boardclears as early as Turn 5. Spoils of War also rapidly found a place in the archetype.

I've not seen a lot of it, but don't sleep on the Nix-Ox variants, these also got stronger and the new animations help a lot!


Very diverse archetypes are possible, Aggro, Mid, Tokens, Control, Rage, Conscription. Extremely powerful list, hard to get a read on and can run high Prophecy decks without much cost. As predicted by yours truly, an absolute beast of a class. The unpredictability is a big part of what makes this class hard to play against, so sadly, Guildsworn has potential to fall down a little.

  • Hlaalu / Crusader.

Basically execute the same gameplan as they always have, and quite little has truly changed for them. Cavalier may be experimented with but it's probably a second or two too slow for these decks.


Surprisingly much pushing power and refill potential, turns out giving Spellsword the ability to re-fuel will make it very potent. The mechanic is fun to play around with, lets the opposing party interact but is also not to difficult to set up. I personally underestimated this class, but of all the new options we've gotten access to, this has the most potential to climb higher.

  • Assassin.

Most specifically, the Burn/Market style Assassin decks have really come into their own with Spoils of War, and the added cycle truly helps make this deck extremely threatening to deal with.

  • Scout.

Debilitate. That's all I have to say about it. Scout isn't top-tier yet, probably won't be either, but the control decks are truly potent now that DV is back.

More specifically Abomination Scout got some potential new additions and that list is something to be careful of, it's a very good anti-meta deck at times.

  • Battlemage / Sorcerer / Archer / Dagoth.

I'm going to bunch up all the taller Mid-rangy lists. They have similar playstyles to some extend and all look to close out the game between turns 7-10. Strong decks, hovering around Tier 3 that can steal wins here but also drop dead elsewhere.

I'd also put Doomcrag/Slay Warrior here. These decks may rise to the occasion again when the meta settles.


  • Monk / Mage / Warrior / Spellsword.

I'd put these slightly below the previous four. These classes got a few new toys in the expansion, but generally struggle by being outclassed and having a lack of 'tricks' to contest a board after falling behind a little. Some would call them "too honest". Fun decks with a lot of flexibility though, for newer players I'd definitely recommend experimenting with Yellow's Midrange package, there's a lot of deckbuilding to be learned here!


The aggro variants all sorta have the same problems. Firstly, there's extreme reliance on the Ring of Magicka for these classes. Whereas the Yellow Aggro styles have more tricks available to them and can dump stats faster, these three classes really need some time to build up a really threatening and resilient board. The Catapult nerf truly hurt a lot and it's hit the early consistency of these classes hard. Though, truth be told, I'm most inexperienced with these lists and am going off my experience fighting them in the past few days. This is my most insecure assessment in this bunch. I have no doubt this is also the most controversial piece :-)!

The Warrior shell for Control has a lot of flexibility, both the Doomcrag and Slay archetypes are available. Like for the Warrior variants, the meta will need to settle a little because there's a lot of teching that needs to happen to really get these lists covering the basis. However, as mentioned previously, these lists also need to be refined with the supplements of a third color. Will take time.

Especially for Ebonheart and Daggerfall but also for Redoran, I expect these classes to increase within a week or two. They have a lot of potential but IMO the current control lists are a little too unpolished and the aggressive lists rely on Ring (and Cultist) a little too hard.

EDIT: Nerrazzuri rightfully points out Ebonheart and Covenant are seeing successful play at the top of legend. I'm going to wait for more comments before adjusting the Tier lists, but I'll move them up.


Sadly, I'd put the Dominion as the clear loser of the expansion. There simply hasn't been an archetype that it does well. Empower cards generally suck and is more consistent with Market support. Aggressive lists combine three archetypes that already struggle a little, Monk, Mage and Assassin, and reduces what makes them somewhat potent (their synergy and tightness) and just becomes generally weak. Furthermore, the lack of Silence hurts and the best ways to deal with creatures are Move or 5+ magicka investments. The Conscription Variant is fairly good against Aggro decks because it can burst heal pretty well, but it's outclassed by Telvanni pretty majorly.

The control variants are decent, having some Banish and great Drain, but cannot deal with Supports and as the meta is devolving to Shrine/Conscription Control for a lot of classes, this is backbreaking. The main sellingpoint I can see for this deck is the access to a lot of health gain and defensive tools. If somehow this can be transferred into a consistent way to end the game, that'd be a niche the Aldmeri Dominion can fill and utilize. Until then, Tier 4.

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