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Midyear Mayhem: to all pve players doing battlegrounds or People unfamilliar with PVP

TheElderScrolls13 - Midyear Mayhem: to all pve players doing battlegrounds or People unfamilliar with PVP

Midyear Mayhem is upon us and everyone wants a taste of it. Myself i have been enjoying battlegrounds alot since i left it a year ago due to not being able to play with friends.

But lately i have had some very frustrating games with my teammates, 90% of the time i have double to triple scores in comparison with the second teammate while losing over and over. Im not a top pvp'er but i am decent. I also see a lot of People complaining in group chat of being oneshotted or not having a tutorial on what to do so i would like to give some quick little information:

First, inform yourself about builds/set-ups for pvp (watch some videos, search builds from well known pvp'ers). You don't need to have golded gear and most pvp sets are crafted. Some must have traits for gear are impen, sturdy and well-fitted. Going in with divines pve gear is asking to be oneshot and the more you survive stuff the more Fun pvp becomes. Don't overlook tri-stat food and immovable pots. USE pots in pvp, they help a lot!

Second, stay and play as a team. Running around solo is not good in BG's. You'll get focused down and send to oblivion. Supporting and staying in group helps you survive and kill a lot more. Unless you are a pvp God, staying in team is crucial.

Third, kills < objectives. Most game modes have objectives wich gives scores to win. I'll give a quick rundown of what to do in each mode and most modes have a 500 score Cap to win.

Deathmatch: the only mode were you have to kill People for scores. Each kill counts for 15 points.

Crazy king: king of the hill but after a while flags move, best to Cap flags in group and move to next. You get scores the Longer a flag is yours. The more you control the better. Don't contest when you are outnumberd but move to a different flag. Best to move to flags that just have respawned as they stay longer.


Domination: same as crazy King but flags don't move. Keep as much flags yours as you can.

Chaosball: here you have to cap a relic that damages you and anyone around you when you pick it up. The Longer you keep it with you the more Points you get. Once you have the ball it's best to stay at your base side so that when teammates die they don't have to run as far as to help you out and you can keep the ball longer. Others Will try to take them from you so be vigilant.

Capture the relic: ctf, the most hated game mode. You have to steal someones relic and Bring it back to your base. You can only Bring back a relic as long as you have yours. In this mode it's best to split up and have a defender. If someone is going to take your relic, use BASH. Bash interupts their capping. If you kill someone of the other team with your relic, you have to Teleport it back (this can be interupted with bash). You can also take other relics that are dropped. Each relic cap gives 100 Points, so you need 5 to win or have the most Points when the timer runs out.

Lastly, you don't need to be a dps for PVP. Healers and tanks are always welcome. Healers are perfect for every mode and tanks are valuable in chaosball and the flag modes by being annoying unkillable bullwarks. Keeping enemies busy is in a sense also supporting your team.

Hope this short guide helps some peeps out! Also, never be afraid to ask for something. Most groups will help you out.

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