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Minimum standards for Tanks, Healers and DPS in normal trial PUGs

TheElderScrolls12 - Minimum standards for Tanks, Healers and DPS in normal trial PUGs

I'd like to preface this post by saying that I always do what I can to assist new players in learning and enjoying the game, (free training gear to those that need it, being patient and explaining mechanics or just how the game works in general. If new players have a positive experience they are more likely to stay and this in turn keeps the game alive.

BUT speaking as someone who just came out of a HORRIBLE normal Cloudrest and recently completed vhrc with a player who was bow light attack spamming and not wearing set gear, I now believe that minimum standards should be enforced.



-Be able to hold boss(es) Argo.

-Be able to effectively communicate with the other tank to ensure targets are not overtaunted.

-Need to wear tanking orientated sets (doesn't necessarily need to be meta or group support sets but it shouldn't be a damage set). and utilize all the slots properly. This remark comes from hearing tanks saying they run a pure damage set as a second set, and while it's great and all that your 1k tankdps is now 2k you waste the opportunity to grant yourself more survivability or buff your team's damage immensely.

-Passives (All Heavy Armour), (All Sword and Board, or Ice Staff), (All class passives pertaining to tanking) There are various other useful passives but this was intended as a bare minimum

-Some basic form of resource management and self heal.


-Due to ease of obtaining dungeons set healers that wish to participate in trials should run some combination of Sanctuary, Worm Cult, Spell Power Cure, Kagrenac's Hope (Craftable) or Jorvuld's Guidance and Monster sets- Chokethorn, Earthgore, Nightflame or Sentinel of Rkugamz etc. Once again it is worth mentioning that other options exist but these are a good place to start for those that wish to be effective healers and also haven't farmed trials.


-Healing should be straightfoward to most people the major issue I found in my last trial was a complete lack of Energy Orbs, Mutagen or Extended Ritual, 'heal over time's are a must have. In the my ncr run the healers appeared to only be using burst heals such as Breath of Life, this meant that many of the group woudn't be healed to full in the short breaks between action. Reactionary healing is not sufficient for trials damage needs to be anticipated and hols should be used.

-Healers need to provide tanks with resource synergies (usually shards), keep the group alive and provide buffs an debuffs.

-Passives (class) (destro all, restro all) etc


-For normal trials as a basic minimum all DPS should be hitting 20K or more, I believe this is a very reasonable absolute minimum. If this is currently not achievable for you, look at your sets, cp, food, passives talk to other players and seek out online builds for inspiration.

-17K (or more) health

-300+ cp is recommended by me but if you reach 20k+ dps and have high situational awareness you should be okay with less.

I have put together these requirements in the hopes that people will reconsider joining trial pugs before putting in some basic work in easier parts of the game. I have nothing against the newers players with <810cp, but EVERYONE needs to do some prep work in the dungeons rather than expect a carry. I've been told "I should be allowed to learn my rotation in a trial" I disagree; target dummies, dungeons and world bosses, allow you to practice without disrupting 11 other individuals and wasting their time.

Some degree of elitism is required in raid content, but hopefully we can find the middle ground for smooth, drama free runs.

Tl;DR Git Gud before doing trials

I'd like to hear how other people feel so please leave a comment with your own opinion.

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