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Moongrave Fang PUG, hard fought and victorious!

TheElderScrolls14 - Moongrave Fang PUG, hard fought and victorious!

Playing some ESO, and just wrapped up the craziest pug I’ve ever been in. I decide to try out a new dlc dungeon on a whim, and selected moongrave. Load into a group pretty quick despite it being like 3am, nice! (Perks of being a tank I suppose). I see everyone at the start, healer has a resto staff, seems like everyone is the role they should be. Couple of trash packs at the start, they burn down fast, nothing like throwing conduit lightning at crocodiles to make someone feel powerful.

First boss, a bit bumpy with a couple of downs, but all things considered it went okay, it but it was a tad concerning watching rocks go flying and being the last standing at certain points. Some group revives and some patience and we manage to beat the sentient pile of rocks!

The group understood the block puzzle things so there weren’t any hiccups along the way, and we arrive at the next boss without any problems. This guy was quite the ordeal though, because my trigger is semi broken on my controller and it doesn’t always let me heavy attack when I want to. Thus, half the time I’m trying to bust the red orb thing I’m light attacking it and it’s not breaking. Some group members die and I’m left with a half working controller, all trying to burn the last 300k or so hp with my wimpy tank dps and a semi broken controller. We get there after what feels like an eternity! I apologize to my group mates that I was hitting like a wet noodle.

The third boss! Big gargoyle dude with geysers was a total cake walk! No deaths, quick burn, I was feeling great about how we handled everything, maybe a little too confident…

The next boss(es) were quite the handful. I’m talking like… 10? Team wipes. It was ugly. There were some tempers, but we stuck it out as a team, and I’m proud that there wasn’t a single vote to kick anyone, we just kept practicing and the final attempt felt so smooth, you could really tell we were figuring things out. Got some good dps burning, kept the bad guys away from my team, and we finally got there. It was quite cathartic watching all four of us focus down the last bit of the duo, and knowing that we overcame the hectic nature of trying to manage the adds, the blood ritual thing, and both bosses.


The final boss, and a sudden disconnect

Final boss. This is it, if we can beat this thing our two hour journey was all worth it. We watch the dialogue play out, and get to work. But then I make a quick glance at our party roster and see our healer is offline. Wait. What!?

Yup. Healer is just gone, 10 seconds or so into the fight. It didn’t feel like a rage quit because we had finally succeeded, so I just put on my best “face tank the baddies and self heal as necessary” strategy and thankfully after what felt like a decade but what was probably closer to a minute or so, the healer rejoins and jumps into healing mode. The group almost loses our dps when the dragon breathes its fire and they are caught in it unexpectedly, but some panic healing and good dodge rolls and everyone is in the green again.

Fresh off the victory from the previous duo boss, we first attempt slay the crazy dragon blood heretic dude. Applause all around, and after two long hours, we all had done it!

I’m honestly very happy with how it all went down. No, I would never want this to be the typical dungeon experience but it felt great, and like we were a real group of four heroes overcoming some crazy world changing dungeon stuff. Thank you for my team for sticking it all out, I knew we could do it!

We learned some mechanics, slayed some blood wackos, and got that cool skill point for clearing the dungeon quest. I’m gonna head to bed now, it’s like 5:30am. Thanks for reading if anyone got this far, and I wish everyone luck in their future dungeon runs!

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