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Morrowind has the most boring/frustrating combat/movement system in any game I’ve ever played

TheElderScrolls13 - Morrowind has the most boring/frustrating combat/movement system in any game I’ve ever played

This game has the same curse like oblivion and Skyrim. Some parts are way better than the other games while other parts are way worse. I love the world/quests/story of this game (in the top 5 ever imo) but the combat system is fucking ass. I’m a spellsword and my magic doesn’t do shit and I’m force to use short swords… not long blades. Here are my issues:

-fatigue. Why does movement use fatigue? It’s like I’m always out of it and 99% of fights I’m either on the ground getting fucked up by enemies with nothing to do or I’m spamming my left mouse to stun the enemy to win

-my weapons do jack shit. I was lvl 1 and found an ebony broad sword and orc armor (pretty good imo) and now it takes dozens of hits to kill NPCs while they can kill me in a couple hits. I shit you not I just fought a boss in a daedric ruin that could 1-3 hit kill me while I had to hit him over 50 GODDAMN TIMES. I’m lvl 7 now so maybe I need better gear? Everything I find is so weak compared to it. My long swords don’t do anything so I’m forced to use my daedric tanto


-Magic. Everyone keeps saying how awesome it is in this game and all the amazing spells. Hence the first 5 times I tried playing this game I was a mage (and got my ass kicked). Half the time my spells have a 0 chance or my attributes are at 0 or 20 or something because I was poisoned with something. Yet I drink cure potions and it doesn’t do anything? The destructive magic is so weak now and I can’t find any vendor that has useful spells for attacking. I guess I could make my own, but it would cost 100000 gold which is absurd. Now since my magic is weak I barely use it so now my spellsword only uses his sword and no spells :/. The shield/health spells are cool but then I have to switch to use them and my enemy gets another hit on me (all the enemies I fight seem to take 30% health away or more).

This is so frustrating. I just beat this dude that put my strength to 0 so now I’m stuck in this cave having to use godmode again, which I’m sick of using every time. I mentioned above, he could 1-3 hit kill me and I had to use daedric/ebony swords to kill him in 50 hits. My spells don’t do anything and I feel so weak. I don’t get how this game has “the best magic system” so far it’s the worst to me. At least in Skyrim I know what the fuck I’m doing.

Edit: also why do I jump 1 inch of the ground? Maneuvering is so hard in this game, I get stuck all the time. You also walk wayyy to slow, and I’m using mods to make me run faster, land hits more, and fair Magicka regen.

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