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Morrowind mechanics that should be brought back

TheElderScrolls15 - Morrowind mechanics that should be brought back

I just finished Morrowind for the 1st and was amazed by some of the mechanics in the game. I'm just going to highlight a few specifically from Morrowind that I hope to see a return in future TES games. I fully understanding that programming and implementation of these ideas might not be that easy.

In no Particular order:

  1. Cities behind multiple loading zones. I like big cities such as Vivec and Mournhold. Not every city needs to do this but there should be one or two that are separated behind different zones so the overall city can be bigger.
  2. Persist in a doomed world. While I for one, did not do such and loaded a save anytime i made such a mistake, it would be a lot better than having a lot of character be essential. This should be an on/off option for different players.
  3. Reputation. This should be greatly expanded to encompass things such as guild recognition. I.e. if the Archmage is fraternizing with thief guild members that can result in mage guild members wanting the player's resignation letter. In other words instead of just a base number like in TES 3, a more complex system that varies between individuals. Some actions make one's reputation higher with certain individuals while the same actions can lower such with others.
  4. Attributes. Pretty self explanatory, basically SPECIAL stats, i do get though wanting to keep FO and TES with some unique mechanics to each series.
  5. Mage guild Travel, pay a fee to fast travel like carriages.
  6. Recall spell expanded, if one is a good mage, they can create Mark points and travel to each of them, possibly at the cost of Soul Gems?
  7. Cast on Use enchantments. Morrowind had a very interesting enchanting mechanic which I did enjoy. Balancing this mechanic though might be difficult but being able to enchant items with specific spells would be neet. Granted Regenerating Magicka kinda negates the purpose of that.
  8. A compromise on quest markers. In Morrowind there were no quest markers, and it did make things difficult. I suggest a compromise based on player knowledge. If a quest says to talk to Person A in City 1, the marker points to City 1 if the player hasn't met Person A, but by talking to other people in City 1 the the marker can move to that person.
  9. Bribing any NPC as a form of persuasion.
  10. Ability to fail casting a spell. But also more unique, maybe an explosion? A daedra is summoned but then attacks you? or the player just gets shot up into the air, speaking of which
  11. Levitation spell. I WANT TO FLY LIKE A WIZARD.
  12. spellmaking. This could be the hallmark of a game's magic system. A nuanced mechanic of combining spell effect (perhaps from different schools?) into one spell would be amazing. Though ideally i'd want it to be something a player doesn't need a special merchant for. I have no idea what it would look like in implementation.

I think this is it. I have some other ideas for mechanics but those aren't morrowind specific.

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