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So, I’m a little hesitant to even post this, mainly because I’m not sure if it should even go here, or if I should even be asking these kinds of questions, and also because I’m generally more of a silent-observer than a poster. But I wanted to put this somewhere where I could actually see other people’s opinions since nobody I know plays any Elder Scrolls games.

But I’ve been wondering for a while why Bethesda wouldn’t remaster Morrowind or Oblivion. Like, yeah, they can keep re-releasing Skyrim over and over again, but I feel like it’s not that big of a jump to say that remastering Morrowind and Oblivion could be profitable to them (since surely that’s most of the reasoning behind a lot of decisions for companies, why else do they keep re-releasing Skyrim?)

And clearly people would be interested in that sort of thing, if they weren’t, what’s the main reason behind the Skyblivion project? And instead of completely screwing over the people who have been working on Skyblivion, couldn’t Bethesda… reach out to them and be like “Hey, we see how much you obviously care about this series and these games, and we really appreciate how much they mean to you, so would you be willing to come work for us to help remaster Morrowind and/or Oblivion?” They’ve interacted with the community before, right? Didn’t they put Erik the Slayer in because of someone in the community? And then their contact with Shirley Curry and their willingness to put her in the next Elder Scrolls game? So why not reach out to the people who so clearly care deeply about these games and give them an opportunity? Wouldn’t that also be good for Bethesda, to show that they actually care about their community? I don’t see stuff for other big game companies, like Rockstar or Ubisoft, but I’ve heard of— at the very least— what Bethesda has done in relation to Skyrim, so in the interest of public image, wouldn’t that also be good? And I guess there’s always the possibility that maybe some, or all, or a few, of the people working on Skyblivion maybe wouldn’t want to work with Bethesda, but surely there would be some of them willing to? Even if the arrangement was that it was a one-time thing and they never had to work for Bethesda again if they didn’t want to.


And if their doubts lie with whether or not this type of thing would be profitable, couldn’t they look at it that clearly there are plenty of people who care about the Elder Scrolls games, and maybe some of them would care more if they looked less… dated? Look, I’ll be honest here, I’m relatively new to the Skyrim scene, and I’m interested in the lore related to the rest of TES games, but the one thing stopping me from finding these games and playing them is that they look… kind of awful, tbh. Yeah, we’ve all got high standards for how games should look nowadays, but a remaster on the level of Skyrim? I’d be willing to buy that. (Yes a remaster with graphics like RDR2 or even AC Origins would be great, but let’s not get overzealous). Not even necessarily rewriting the story or getting new voice acting, just remaster the game in the way that’s being done with Skyblivion, maybe get some feedback from the community for mechanics of the game that don’t work too well, maybe add some new pieces to the soundtracks, figure out things about Skyrim that people didn’t like (I’ve heard there was some debate with why Khajiit are able to wear shoes in Skyrim but not in previous games because of their anatomy, or the lack of magic-variety), but nothing else from that. And from a profit standpoint, wouldn’t they want to entice new people into the community with these games? If I had no experience with any Elder Scrolls games, and I was unwilling to play Morrowind or Oblivion because they look old, wouldn’t it stand to reason that I’d be willing to play the same game if it looked like Skyrim, maybe slightly better?

Like, is it completely unreasonable to ask why they couldn’t take on a new set of people (who have possibly been working on Skyblivion) to work on remastering Morrowind or Oblivion while also working on the new TES game? Instead of releasing Skyrim for the Apple Watch, why not remaster the two previous games to entice new people into the community, give people the opportunity to replay a game they enjoy that looks better and maybe functions a little better (but not without the trademark Bethesda Bugs), while also working with people in the community who care so much for a game that they’re willing to painstakingly recreate it in the Skyrim engine just because they care that much and not because they want money? I saw a clip somewhere of some new release pitch for Skyrim (mobile, I think, from a year or two ago?) and someone in the comments mentioned that Todd Howard looked dead inside because he knew all it was was a money grab. So, why not?

So I’m curious what other people think. Seriously, why not?

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