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Morrowind quite a bit overrated?

TheElderScrolls13 - Morrowind quite a bit overrated?

I’ve given the game a chance and have played into the game a bit. It’s not a bad game at all, it’s still a great game (most of bethesda’s games are great imo, when compared to other games). However, it’s definitely overrated in my opinion.

It seems that it did a lot of things right. I like that there are no quest markers, and I like that they have actually made a point to using inns by making waiting in city spaces a crime, and allowing for random attacks/encounters when waiting out on the road. That’s just so fu*king cool to me. It’s disappointing because in oblivion and skyrim inns are basically pointless and you can just abuse the hell out of waiting for an hour after every fight to regain health and magicka. It’s very immersive in that aspect. I also like the character creation in terms of choosing the race, class, and birth sign. Magic system is great too. I also love how this game is actually a challenge (at least early on). It’s a shame they have dumbed it down in each title afterwards. Oblivion still maintains many good aspects from Morrowind, while in skyrim they are basically nonexistent.

However, what it did wrong in the immersive realm is the NPC’s (though this is a very old game). They just stand there, say the same things, and are almost like info boxes rather than living breathing people. The ones that do move just walk back and forth and are talking walking info boxes. They have absolutely no personality or lives. In contrast, oblivion did the best of the 3 “modern” TES games with NPC’s. They all have personalities and lives of their own, and they actually feel like they’re living in the world, not just existing in it and standing around. The NPC’s in morrowind are just boring. They lack character and they all say basically the same thing. The characters in morrowind so far are just not memorable. I’m sure some of them are, but most are not.

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I also have to say that the world is quite empty. Yes, the setting is cool and all, it has an almost “alien” type feel. Walking off the ship and hearing the ambient sounds (I believe is the silt strider) is breathtaking. It feels like another planet.


However, I was disappointed to see that most of the world is just empty space (oblivion is guilty of this too, but not nearly as badly imo). I walked from the starting town to the bottom right side of the map through 2 other towns/cities and encountered 3 total enemies in a 30 minute time span. I didn’t even stop at the cities either. Half of the time was spent just walking in a straight line doing nothing. Skyrim did a great job with making the world not feel like mostly empty. space.

I also dislike the whole “dice rolling” mechanic. The amount of times you miss is kind of ridiculous to me personally. It feels like everything is just probability, a dice roll, and button spamming rather than skill. It doesn’t feel “good” to hit an enemy like the other games. It doesn’t feel like I am actually hitting the enemy, but just hoping that I will get lucky and take some health away from my opponent. Spamming the attack button while looking in the general direction of an enemy. I just don’t find it fun. However, there is nothing objectively wrong with it, it’s just my own opinion. I must say though the combat has got to be the worst out of any TES i’ve played, by far.

The games that came over improved on some things (combat and NPC’s) and ruined other things such as skills and attributes (skyrim).

Anyways, the game is great, it really is. I’m just picturing people being stoked for it when it first came out. It was revolutionary for the time i’m sure. It is extremely advanced for a game as old as it is, a true masterpiece. In comparison to what we have now though, it is not as good. It’s good, just not nearly as good as people make it out to be. The nostalgia goggles are thick for some people lol. Anyways, I am having a blast with it and hope I can finish it some day.

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