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Murkwater/Goblin Skirmisher Needs Nerf

TheElderScrolls6 - Murkwater/Goblin Skirmisher Needs Nerf

This card is too strong. With the addition of {{Dust Eater Skirmisher}}, {{Bitterfish Witch}}, and {{Three Feather Warchief}}, {{Murkwater Skirmisher}} has become so strong as a mid-aggro creature. All goblins, including the three mentioned above have very low magicka cost (1-4 except for Tazkad). Since Murkwater Skirmisher is a 4 drop, it can immediately buff existing goblin creatures in the early part of the game. The card can be played on curve with the lower magicka creatures and the effect is extremely strong. Usually, this is at least a 4 drop 6/6 creature w/ burst damage of 2 if there is one (1) existing goblin. He's better than the troll.

Looking at the stat line and ability of the creature, it is immensely overvalued if it were to be compared with other creatures that buff. Check the list of creatures that buff below:

  1. {{Skeleton Champion}}, 4 magicka, 4/4, guard, gives +1/+1 to skeletons —> it has the same stat line and cost with the goblin, but it only gives +1/+1 and a guard keyword is not equivalent to the value of giving +1/+1 to creatures.
  2. {{Mercenary Captain}}, 4 magicka 2/2, consume to give +1/+1 to minions —> although it gives a buff to all types of minions, the body is only 2/2 and has the condition of consume. In addition, it only gives +1/+1.
  3. {{Divine Fervor}}, 5 magicka, support, gives +1/+1 to minions —> it's 5 magicka and does not provide a creature to contest board or gain board control. However, it gives an advantage for you in the long-run.
  4. {{Light of the Three}}, 7 magicka (on exalt), 4/4, gives +2/+2 to minions in one lane —> requires 7 magicka! Only a 4/4 minion, and can only buff one lane. There's a lot of contesting for board control in this game, so at that point, you may only buff 1-2 minions. It's really bad if u can only buff 1 minion.
  5. {{Shadowgreen Elder}}, 7 magicka, 5/5, gives +2/+2 to animals and spriggans —> requires 7 magicka! Has a lot of beasts in the game, but the 7 magicka is a big hindrance because you can clear board via a 6 cost ice storm, immolating blast, or even debilitate.
  6. {{Bone Colossus}}, 7 magicka, 5/5, gives +1/+1 to skeletons as long as bone exists, fills a lane with 1/1 skeletons —> requires 7 magicka. It's a good creature on its own, and fills a lane with skeletons, making it a 7 magicka 11/11 creature. However, its weakness is if you kill Bone Colossus, the skeletons don't get buffed. The buff is not permanent! The high magicka cost is also a hindrance.
  7. {{Praetorian Commander}}, 6 magicka 3/3, gives +1/+1 to all creatures in deck —> again high cost and understated creature. In addition, the buff does not have an immediate board impact like Murkwater Skirmisher.

Only 2 creatures give a permanent buff of +2/+2 and they cost 7 magicka. Their stat line is either a 4/4 or a 5/5. However, Murkwater Skirmisher costs only 4 magicka. Its statline is comparable to Skeleton Champion, but its ability is super strong for a 4 magicka creature. The burst damage is insane in the early part of the game, especially that goblins are cheap.

I think the gobline should get a nerf… I don't know what nerf, maybe it should give only +1/+1? increase its magicka cost? I'm not an expert, but I think it's overpowered. Feel free to discuss constructively and share your thoughts on the card.

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