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My Altmer Thoughts (dis one long but would be neat if u read)

TheElderScrolls11 - My Altmer Thoughts (dis one long but would be neat if u read)

I started playing eso a few months ago and it's the first mmo or online game that I have played and I would like to share a few things that I have realized. I have the bad habit of speeding through dialogue and just trying to complete quests and level up as fast as possible. But this has lead me to making choices I don't agree with. For example, sacrificing Lyris when she was my favorite npc, or sacrificing that wood elf lady to boethia i think. But for a while I have found myself getting really bored of playing eso. But strangely, as if it were kissmet, i stumbled upon a video of an old lady talking about how we need to focus on the joy of experiencing and not competition or being better than anyone else. If we miss the joy in the momemts we experience then we miss it all. This can be apllied to grander things and will be but i felt it related to eso for me at least. Tamriel is beautiful and the characters are voice acted so awesomely. I usually listen to music instead of listening to the score or dialogue. So the other day I somewhat payed attention while ending the Summerset main quest and can I say that it went straight to this cold heart of mine. Mephala and one other said that we had to stay together or someone would die and I really didnt want to lose anyone because I just started liking them. Though I lost both my companions I never would have been able to read Darien's journal if I hadnt heard the gaurds talking about a book appearing and it was a very emotional experience. Something else that I realized has to do with the high elves. Though I often find myself playing and an Altmer, I never really liked them due to their high and mighty attitudes which I guess is expressed in the name. I really noticed this when I got to Summerset. I thought dang these elves are so rude, im just tryna help and they are being to stingy and condecending. Though there are them racist ones out there, I thought about it for a while and began to really empathize. Think about it this way, the Altmer of Summerset are the indigenous people of that land. And after a really long time, their boarders are suddenly opened and all these foreigners come flooding in. I am a person of indigenous background and thought of the sad yet seemingly common occurance of the white man coming to our native lands, colonizing our people, snuffing out our culture, stealing our land and so much more sorta relates to Summerset. I know my peeps dont care for foreigners all that much. So instead of whipping out that blade of woe on some rude altmer imma think a liitle first. Except for them heritence scum, they may perish in the blue flames of cold harbor. And also them court of bedlam skeevers may they be smited by meridias divine light. Its a lot to think about and hurts my head and heart but I think its something i need to do to bring more life in to my eso experience. I know its just a game but I gonna try to start noticing and appreciating all the work that has been put into it. Also there are some wonderful players out there who helped me and I dont know them so thanks for your kindess you make Eso better. And for the hardcore negative nancys I have met in my travels, go take a walk or journal. It may be frustrating to deal with weaker or less knowledgeable individuals but we are all here to play. I cant say for certain but I do think that the majority does their best and let that be enough. Thanks if you read this perhaps someone might comment in contrast to the symphony of crickets I recieve in eso.


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