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My Analysis of the Upcoming Balance Changes

TheElderScrolls3 - My Analysis of the Upcoming Balance Changes

My most recent nerf list can be found here:

Let's start with what is going right at the start of the next update.

  • Disciple of Namira – This is a good hit. It's a bit unfortunate that the developers still think that it will be a viable Doomcrag Warrior card, but any change to it is welcome. Doomcrag combo is of similar spirit to the other OTK decks that have been abusing Disciple. I would like for TESL to move away from OTK and especially dumb ones.

  • Falkreath Defiler – This card was just too powerful and caused the game to degenerate too much around combos involving it. Although it encouraged waiting play and that was a good thing, it encouraged waiting play for the wrong reason. The reason to wait to play cards should be to better secure incremental advantages later in the game. The reason to wait to play cards should not be getting hit by a virtual OTK. Don't let the door hit you on the way out Defiler.

  • Namira's Shrine – As a giant crutch, Shrine has been second to only Conscription. Especially with the amount of resource extension that currently exists, there is just no reason that someone should be allowed to use the old version of Namira's Shrine. A common theme of over powered cards is that they are key towards decisive victory. With a worse Shrine, there will be much more thinking involved in playing cards. I'm hoping that this one becomes unplayable as if it is still playable with this nerf, then there is something more seriously wrong with TESL than I can understand.

Other Good Changes

  • Dawnbreaker – Everyone seemed to want this card nerfed, but I don't believe that anyone said anything as it never seemed like a possibility. Thank goodness for less 1 card giant blowouts that totally decide a game.

  • Hlaalu Oathman – This card has been too good for too long. I personally think that the mana ability should be changed to something like lethal, but making it a 1/1 is a good start at reducing the power of a dumb card.

  • Lillandril Hexmage – This is a good nerf and will probably make burn assassin games a little more interactive. I would have preferred a big change to the Empower mechanic instead as it isn't good design to have multiple mana reductions being allowed to stack on the same cards and especially on those cards even still in the deck. In other news, by past logic used with Balgruff, Hexmage has received an extra stat point so it's hard to consider it as being nerfed because of course we are playing the card for it's stats and not some other impact that it could possibly have on the game. I therefore decree that nobody should get a soul gem refund for this card change.

  • Transitus Shrine – I don't particularly think that it will be used much in the environment without Disciple of Namira. This is at least a good case of developers playing things safe than sorry and that is a positive sign. Big mana cheating effects shouldn't exist anyhow. Waves bye to Transitus Shrine

Other Nerf Comments

  • Archer's Gambit & Cast Into Time – Archer's Gambit was nice to have around as a low cost foil to the overstated cards such as Mournhold Traitor and Pit Lion. So long as those overstated minions exist, there should still be low cost removal, even if situational, to deal with them. I don't particularly feel like this change is that bad. On the other hand, I'm not really happy about the change to Cast Into Time. If people are becoming frustrated because they can't win the game because they lost a couple cards in their deck, then those people would be better off at learning how to win a game with all of their cards rather than never having to deal with a removal mechanic. This change also makes me disappointed as this particular type of removal is good for the game as it encourages more thinking while discouraging just running out ones most powerful card on curve. Hopefully there can be more deck banishing effects in the future. Perhaps a targeted one such as Lobotomy or Surgical Extraction…

Now let's wrap up with what I think are the most glaringly obvious misses.

  • Nature's Incarnate – Let's face it. This card is just not that fun and doesn't encourage skill based play. It is just serving as a giant blowout card in specific games or it is stone dead and that polarization isn't good. It undermines what I believe to be the most important part of the Rune System. It reminds me alot of early on when both players could be evenly matched until one person loses a single extra life and then get's tremendously blownout by any of the cards such as Triumphant Jarl that care about life total. Very poorly designed card.

  • Cornerclub Gambler – Another completely polarizing cards. No single card should contribute so much to win percentage as Cornerclub Gambler obviously does. The entire card is like a nasty joke about the players who play the game as the cards name tells us exactly what it does and what kind of game we are about to have… a dumb coin flip one…

  • Odirniran Necromancer – This card continues to convert one type of resource into another way too easily. I predict that summoning several of these on the same turn will be a strategy for decks losing Namira's Shrine. Not really fun or all that skill intensive to play a fair game until a huge blowout happens. There isn't even Cast Into Time to help deal with it as efficiently as before.

  • Ulfric's Housecarl – The cost of Aggro should be resource loss. Simple concept to follow that TESL has gotten backwards.

  • Cloudrest Illusionist/Wardcrafter/Haunting Spirit – While there is some interesting or skillful play that can be had with these cards, I remain of the opinion that they are too efficient at winning the field lane and therefore take over games at a very early point. All could easily be still playable, but nerfed.

And that sums everything up. I could say a few more things about how we may be entering a Ulfric's Uprsing meta or talk about how Garnag is just as dumb as Dawnbreaker, but let's see what happens before making more talk. Hopefully everyone at least got something that they wanted out of the next update balance change.

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