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My artworks in Elder Scrolls-themed inktober2020!

TheElderScrolls4 - My artworks in Elder Scrolls-themed inktober2020!

This year, as in the past – I would like to share with you my works on the Universe of the Elder Scrolls, which I managed to create as part of the Inktober art marathon!

I drew according to the list of themes that my friends and I came up with in our community on the VKontakte social network, "TESO Library". But, despite the name – the themes were not only for ESO, but for all games in this series.

To each of the pictures shown I have added explanatory text and, of course, the number and title of the topic for each of them. All drawings are made with liners / markers / ink.

There are only 31 drawings, but due to the fact that reddit allows you to post no more than 20 images at a time, I will post the rest of the art a little later, in the next post, if, of course, you have nothing against it

Theme 1: Woolen

The first theme of this art marathon on this list is "Woolen". And on the art – a creature with the name "Echatere". They live in the homeland of the orcs, in the harsh northern edge of Wrothgar. Some orcs breed these tough-minded creatures for transport purposes, and also get milk and wool from them. Yeah, this is the shaggy, hairy horned cool creatures

Theme 2: Mechanism

I thought for a long time what to draw on this theme. I like the Dwemer and their mechanical culture, as well as the themes of the mechanisms of Sotha Sil based on learning of this culture. But i decide to draw Numidium. I haven’t had to draw a Brass God yet, so it was interesting) And next to it, on the bridge, stands its first creator and author – the Dwemer, the great scientist – Kagrenac.

Theme 3: Levitation

Mechanical God, Lord Seht, Sotha Sil – levitates in the space of his Mnemonic Planisphere. The Planisphere is a special building in the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil, where he stores all of his memories in the form of constellations. So his powerful mind of the creator and scientist is not hindered by unnecessary memories, which he archives in this way.

Theme 4 – Vampire

Vampires in the universe of the Elder Scrolls are different. But a very special story of the one who was the first mortal endowed, and at the same time cursed with this gift.

Lamae Bal became the Blood Matron, the patroness of vampires and the gift of this gift to other mortals – after Molag Bal himself came to her from Oblivion. Having infected her with the gift of vampirism – he left her to die. The priests of Arkay, who found Lamae's body – realizing that it would not be possible to cure her – decided to put her on fire. But … an angry Lamae rose from the fire and delivered all the priests to death. After that, she hated both Arkay, for leaving her with her ailment, and Lord Bal, for giving her them.

Theme 5: Treasure

In the Ayleid culture, light is one of the most revered elements. Light in the understanding of the ayleids is the source of higher magical powers. They tried to collect, store and use light in a way that no one else could. Among other things, they used it to charge their own special vessels – Welkynd stones and Varla stones. Light is a real treasure for them.

Nearby on the counter is an ayleid relic, an iron figurine. Players in TES IV remember how much they had to travel to different ruins in search of these things on the quest;)

Theme 6: Team

And…here we have thieves;) Yes, when two thieves work as a team, it means trouble for the wallets of careless citizens. Drawing this theme was very entertaining, especially when it came to the residents in the city crowd. All these wallets, bottles, boxes – it was very pleasant to draw. I like it;)

Theme 7: Elder

In this case, there are several very ancient, elder, so gray-haired sages that they even call themselves and call themselves Greybeards. The Masters of the Way of the Voice became the motive for art on this topic.

Honestly – the trip up the mountain, to High Hrothgar in my several passes of TES V was one of the most memorable events for me, and the Greybeards themselves inspired. They just inspired. Respect, interest and even fear (especially when I tried to talk to someone other than Arngeir, and heard how from one of their quiet words of greeting – the mountain is shaking) I loved their abode very much in those days when I played Skyrim. Therefore – on the topic of antiquity, the idea came almost immediately).

On the canvas of the old man's hood, the phrase in the dragon's "Way of the voice" (Miiraad do Zul) is repeated.

Sky Above, Voice within.

Theme 8 – Turban.

So – in the picture there is a Khajiit merchant in a turban, and a variety of goods are sold in the shop, you can see them!Mostly these curiosities are suitable for magicians, alchemists and all sorts of such personalities – but on the other hand, we don't know how big his shop is, right?;)

Theme 9: Stealthy/Secretive

If you are a corrupt nobleman, a double agent, a spy, you have something to hide, or you are simply in a deadly quarrel with someone, you better hide. If the Dark Brotherhood is looking for you – even if an order was made for you for one of the reasons listed above – you can also hide, look around, walk with a lantern and personal security, stay at home or change your place of residence. But most likely – believe me, it's useless.

The Dark Brotherhood will find you even in the darkest corner, wherever you hide – the order will be fulfilled. Because they know.

Theme 10 – Library

I had no doubts at all about what exactly I would draw on this topic. Hermaeus Mora is definitely my favorite of the Daedra, and I would gladly get into the Apocrypha someday.

Hermaeus Mora is one of the Daedric Lords, one of the most mysterious. One of his names is the Demon of Knowledge. In his domain, which are called "Apocrypha" – all possible and impossible secrets, knowledge, information about everything are collected. There are whole mountains of books, levitating pages, walls, towers, passages and so on are made of books. Scientists and magicians often strive to get into his world. Hermaeus himself is portrayed as a shapeless black abyss of eyes, claws and tentacles.

On the art – one of his devoted cultists, who finally got into the Apocrypha.And in this case – if you look into the abyss – then the abyss will look into you! Such a library!

Theme 11 – Capital


At first, I constantly had an obsessive, well, very obsessive idea of ​​drawing something related to the Imperial City.But then I remembered something better. Winterhold. First, the ancient capital of Skyrim. Previously – a thriving city on the cliffs near the Sea of ​​Ghosts – now, only crumbs of its former greatness, albeit on the same cliffs.

I tried to imagine what this city looked like – at least from this angle of its main entrance, until the moment of the Great Collapse. The entrance, towers, walls, city buildings – and, of course, the College of Mages of Winterhold in the background. Peoples of Winterhold now does not like College and magic, because a catastrophe happened in the history of the city, for which the locals mostly blame the magicians. The Sea of ​​Ghosts raged at one moment, and a few days later most of the city collapsed into the sea along with the rocks. The College of Mages survived. This is a story of the fall of the great city. Now Winterhold in a ruins.

Theme 12 – Sorcerer

For a long time I chose the sorcerers of Tamriel in order to draw this theme – and I stopped the choice as soon as Shalidor came to mind.

Around this sage, who devotes all his life and energy to science, knowledge and comprehension of the secrets of magic, you see a whirlwind of pages and symbols. Among them are the symbols found in Shalidor's papers in the game:) For example, the scheme of the labyrinth in the Labyrinthian showed schematically)

Also – the pages around the archmage symbolize knowledge in his memory, and here his gift to the ESO protagonist is recalled – eidetic memory.

Theme 13 – Light

Light goes to Tamriel from Magnus himself. When Magnus, having created our world, flew to Aetherius – he left behind a huge hole in space, which the Sun is. Through it, he sends rays of light, warmth, and also rays of magic to Tamriel.Yes, Magnus-sun is the source of all magical powers and light, therefore in the art I depicted Magnus himself inside the solar disk and the magicians around.Each of mages on art symbolizes a schools of magic. If you count from left to right, then here:

– School of Alteration (levitating magician, telekinesis moving balls around him)
– School of Illusion (a magician dressed as a thief, trying to make himself invisible – it's hard to understand in the picture, I know, haha)
– School of Restoration (seated magician with a skull and a potion in his hand)
– School of Conjuration (magician with a soul stone in her hands, trying to catch a mischievous scamp)
– School of Destruction (tall mage with a staff and waves of energy in his hand)
– School of Enchantment (a magician, standing next to a small table, holds a soul stone in his hand to enchant a sword.

Theme 14: Wings

I especially remember the moment from the first playthrough of the game, when the Dragonborn returned to the Throat of the World after the last confrontation and there … he saw himself not just in the company of the old ancient dragon sage, but also a whole host of his brothers, who burst into shouts at the moment.

– Alduin mahlaan! (Alduin is Fallen / Defeated")
– Sahrot thur qahnaraan! ("Great lord / lord fell")
– Dovahkiin los ok Dovahkriid ("The dragonborn became his killer / dragon-slayer")
– Thu`umii los nahlot. ("His tu'um is silence")
– Mu los vomir ("We are now free / freed from oaths / independent!")

And every time they spoke to each other in dragon, which shuddered the heavens, I got goosebumps. And each dragon, being convinced of the harsh reality of what had happened, flew up into the sky, belched flame and shouted into the cold sky "Alduin mahlaan!" And then the air was filled with the rustle of a dozen wings of dragons that circled over the mountain.

The phrase in the dragon language is exactly the same "Alduin mahlaan".

Theme 15 – Hearth.

And now without long stories – just a witch in her house once again conceived something bad!

Theme 16: Theft

Thieves are different, and they set different goals. But few can compare in the skill of thieves' art with the one who was able to steal the Gray Cowl of the Daedric patroness of thieves.

Before he stealed that hood – he was known as Emer Dareloth. According to legend – he stole this artifact from Nocturnal, and wearing it – erased his name and personality, becoming the first Gray Fox.

In general, it's funny how often Nocturnal allows itself to be robbed:D

Theme 17: Emperor

3E 389 – One of the most significant events in the history of the Empire. The moment when the imperial battlemage from the Tarn clan known for his powerful magicians, Jagar Tharn – having taken possession of the Staff of Chaos, imprisoned the emperor Uriel Septim VII in Oblivion. After that, Tharn, assuming his appearance, usurped power and began to rule the empire sitting on the Ruby Throne on his behalf.

This was the beginning of the dark period of the Imperial Simulacrum, which in the future caused continuous troubles in the history of Tamriel.

Theme 18: Fishing

Here again, art without long stories and deep game lore – just an argonian who caught a lot of fish;)

Theme 19 – Alliance

I had a couple of variants on this topic, not related to the theme of the Alliance War, but then I decided to portray High King Emeric.

Despite the fact that I myself play for the other side – I like the Daggerfall Covenant no less, and mainly my sympathy for this alliance exists because of Emeric's personality. When I went through the quests of the Covenant, the king had a very good sense of his prudence, calmness, and overall made a very good impression.

Well… and I, of course, listened to his remarks with pleasure, because as you know, the High King was voiced by a famous actor – Bill Nighy, whose acting skills I was happy to watch in many different films. So – I listened the speech of King:)

Theme 20 – Atronach

I chose between the storm and ice atronach – and the choice fell in the direction of the last one. I really like these solid living blocks of ice, which want to pierce you right through with their sharp ice needles.

For those who do not know: Atronachs are "spirits" of the elements, magical elementals of daedric origin, which can be hostile, and who can also be called upon to help from Oblivion. There are atronachs of storm, fire, lava, ice, air, stone and more – creation of necromantic art, flesh atronach.

So, these are the 20/31 drawings for this art marathon! In the future I will try to publish the rest artworks, thank you all for your attention!

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