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My desires for TES 6

TheElderScrolls11 - My desires for TES 6

a vermintide 2 style combat system (including weapon type variety)

minigame based pickpocketing, instead of a dice roll that promotes quicksaving and reloading

multiple skills based speech checks.

Less potent enchanting and smithing.

Daedric artifacts that don’t require a soul gem.

class system that only really affects new characters, to provide for more minmaxing without sacrificing endgame custom builds.

I’d like to see the empire not be a big part of the story anymore.

If the protagonist HAD to be a destiny based character, I wouldn’t want the lore to pigeonhole a race. (Neravarine, Dragonborn bad)

I’d like armor and weapons to be semi customizable, so you can feel unique. Using Skyrim steel armor as an example, it would have been cool to customize pauldron arrangement, fur color, toggle engravings, sleeves, and insignia, if you’re part of a faction you should add the logo to your armor.


Fewer, but better followers,

Distinct ability spells based on a cooldown (functionally similar to dragon shouts) for example, fast healing or ironflesh could be bought as a separate ability tome instead of a standard spell tome.

An optional survival mode similar to frostfall, but also with sleep food and water

More options for factions/more factions (joinable vigilants, silver hand, OR control over how factions behave, make the companions more daedric, an altruistic thieves guild, ability to save certain members of Dark brotherhood during raid)

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