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TheElderScrolls3 - My ESO Wishlist

Hey guys, probably all of you have some cool ideas about how you would like to see this game in the next X years, so let's discuss and share! Before I start, just want to let you know that I'm a most typical casual player who've never been in trials (but I did almost all vet dungeons) and probably my feedback doesn't matter much, but still. This list is super opinionated and based on my previous experience in TES games and other MMORPGs.
So here is what I want to see in the next few years to make this game even more awesome:

  1. Fix Cyrodiil lags
    Pretty straightforward and boring idea, but I think everyone will be glad to enjoy Cyrodiil during prime time without 3-5 second lags.

  2. Solo mode for overland content
    It would be great if we had an option to enter solo mode for overland zones to enjoy questing and exploration without breaking immersion, in a same way as we do for some main story quests. Tbh I see no reason to see other players outside of instanced content because I've never seen other players communicating with each other and never did it by myself. At the same time its so frustrating when you see a villain, that you are chasing for a zone main questline, evaporated in half millisecond by some random 810 CP guy.
    If you want to do dolmens/public dungeons/delves/dragons/etc you still have an option to untoggle a solo mode. Also resource nodes can still be shared between layers, it is not a big deal to see node disappearing in front of you.
    I can understand they did it like that in 2015, but game evolved so far since then. And communication between random players can be cultivated only if content is hard (WoW Classic is a nice example, you have to find party for some quests/dungeons because sometimes it is hard to do such content alone).

  3. Make overland content (significantly) harder
    In current state overland content is so easy, especially on 300+ CP levels. It breaks game immersion and magic even further when you clear entire zones in a matter of seconds without any challenge. May be we could have a toggle for adept/master/legendary difficulty like in a previous games from TES franchise? E.g. if legendary difficulty enabled, player will receive more gold/resources/higher quality loot (epic instead of green from quests).
    As a casual player I really enjoy awesome questlines, but most of the time it feels as a routine/chore when game doesn't provide any challenge. Yea, I know that game have super hardcore DLC vet dungeons/trials, but its a different story. In this case I just want to enjoy questing and want to plan my fight strategy ahead of time.

  4. Crops/Gardening
    Another straightforward idea, would be great to have my own garden where I can plant provisioning or alchemy crops or even animals.

  5. Character progression after 160/300/810 CP
    That's an incredibly complex game design problem and I don't have any suggestions (only the next point in my list), so it is just how I feel right now while playing.
    As a player I always want to feel that my character gains power and have goal ahead. That is why it is painful when progression stops after 160 CP and items doesn't gain in strength. Especially it is bad in current meta when it is so easy to get decent/good gear in several hours (Mother's Sorrow/Burning Spellweave/False God's/etc).

  6. Spellcrafting
    Yes, another post about spellcrafting (Example:

    ). I understand difficulties and risks that this system will introduce, but it is such a cool idea! I was never a fan of existing class system (classes duplicate each other and every class/build is just a variation of spellblade) and being able to make my own build with my own spells multiplied by variety of sets that this game already have, this game mechanic can be so huge. There will be balance problems and cookie cutter builds, but don't those problems exist already? In current state of a game stamina dps builds are absolutely identical, mag builds are absolutely identical (1 exception ispetsorc), pvp is fun only if you are in a two-handed build with Rally and Vigor.
    Every player with whom I discussed this mechanic was so hyped, so may be it is time to take a risk like you did with One Tamriel?

  7. Mounts for in game achievements
    Same as in WoW.

  8. Reduce stamina pool impact in PvP
    From a casual player perspective it a little bit weird that some stamina build can spam rolls and break frees non-stop, may be those abilities should take a % of stamina pool?

And what ideas do you have?

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    Water mounts. Or just small boats to travel. Boat housing at the sea. Fishing in the deep sea. More things to do in the waters and seas. Sea monsters to see. When fast travelling with boats, the boat could leave the deck and sail sometime before the fast travelling loading screen.

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