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My exp as a newbie to make some things clearer for the ppl who consider starting

TheElderScrolls9 - My exp as a newbie to make some things clearer for the ppl who consider starting

First of all, I’ve played this game only for 6-7 hours. Calling myself newbie makes me laugh because I see people calling themselves newbie with their lvl 50 160 cp characters. Anyways, I wanted to share my thoughts till this far (not further cuz oh boy, it gets only better) because I saw lots of posts about should I start, is it good for xxx, is this game dying etc. so I thought I’d give it a go to explain stuff from the perspective of a literally newbie. I put the “guide” flair but as a newbie, I don’t really consider myself capable of making a guide at all. So sorry if I offend someone by calling this a guide.

1) The most important aspect of this game I saw is that it has a good community both in eso forums or in this subreddit. Feel free to ask stuff cuz they really like to help people without judging your knowledge. So if you are looking a good community to dive into and play, I can suggest you to choose this one right here. I got lots of help here as well.

2)Now the biggest problem, which class to play. People are all like “I love bows”, “I love sneaking”, “I wanna be a stealth archer just like in Skyrim”, “how can l mimic my conjuration warlock build in Skyrim to eso?”. You guys need to understand this is a different game and the class archetype is different. Other than that, another important thing that I believe I should talk about is, trying. I like melee dps and tanks (most of the time I played warrior tank in other games such as WoW) but for late game op purposes, I decided to go magic nightblade (magblade) and oh boy, it showed me that ranged magical stuff is equally fun and I just created a magic necromancer (magcro) and gonna try magic sorcerer. You don’t have to find your true main in a single try. Stop asking what you “should” play. As a new starter, you don’t have to think like you are going to do hardcore end-game content really soon. Just start with one you enjoy and check the types of your class. If you like stam version, go check other classes and try one that you like the type (or the animations etc.).


3) Should you buy and play ESO? It’s you who can answer that. If you have time to spare on video games, if you like mmorpg type of games, then why not? You don’t have to overthink it. It’s not like WoW (need to pay monthly based in order to play) so you can buy the game and try. You can always return to the game for free. It gets some juicy discounts so if you don’t wanna spend your money too much, you can always wait for another discount.

4)My last tip, which I also found myself in this problem. It’s a game, you don’t have to check for the best build, best class, best leveling rotation etc as a new starter. I’ve done ridiculously detailed research before even started playing and it wasn’t really necessary at all. THIS IS A GAME, WHETHER YOU PLAY CASUAL OR WANNA GO HARDCORE LATER ON, JUST HAVE FUN.

I don’t wanna go over my head and talk more. I’d appreciate if you have anything to add to make things a bit clearer to future newcomers.

Hope it’ll be useful for someone, have a nice day fellas

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