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My experience tanking so far

TheElderScrolls2 - My experience tanking so far

Greetings vestige(s),

I come henceforth to share with you my experience thus far of tanking in ESO. Do note however that this is limited to Vet Dungeons currently, I have not touched trials, I only recently hit 160CP, don't hate me. Thanks

So, I only started tanking because I was previously playing a DPS StamDK, and first off didn't really know many mechanics at all, and secondly just felt like I wasn't contributing enough. The main push to trying out tanking for the first time, was that more often than not in Vet dungeons, or even Normal, we'd wipe.

Now… Wiping isn't all that bad right? I agree. But this was a common occurrence with a bulk of the players not knowing the mechanics or fight strategies, or simply just being new. The general trend was someone would do something wrong – including myself, and when asking what was done wrong, instead of being met with anything constructive or meaningful, was met with elitism combined with either insults, or '<User> left the group'. This was absolutely infuriating — The fact that a lot of people would much rather tell someone to die or quit the game than just having a little patience and helping them understand.

So I decided to take up the Tank role, at least this way – I am forced to learn mechanics as best I can, and I'm somewhat in a position to provide feedback and slow the run down (assuming the group isn't full of ninja-pullers). I have been loving it, a lot of the time I can go at my own pace. Obviously sometimes I'll queue into a new dungeon and not know a mechanic right away, but more often than not the less elitist players will follow my pacing and we'll try to figure things out together, which feels good. Community & communication good.


Most recent example of an 'elitist' DPS telling us we were doing something wrong was the engine protector boss, with the levers. Now, it didn't take long for us to figure out that the levers ended the green/poison phase, and that the hard-mode equivalent would be forcing through the green phase. But this individual had the audacity to shout out insults and other sorts of hate whilst telling us that the levers cause hard mode… Dumbfounded. He had made multiple contradicting statements about the mechanics of the fight, and whilst recommending strategies, wouldn't even adhere to them himself whilst the rest of the group was – and then dying because of it.

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I think I'm rambling a bit, but to take from it all – just treat people like humans, have a good time, help people figure things out and have fun whilst doing so. This is a video game, you're gonna get your reward, maybe not as quick as you'd like.. But I feel like that is offset with the gratification of having made someone else's experience better and them having learned from it.

Post may have been a bit fragmented in terms of thought-process as I had written this at the beginning of work, but whatever.

TL;DR – It's been fun.

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