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My first art week for ESOInktober!

TheElderScrolls14 - My first art week for ESOInktober!

The first week was successfully completed for ESOInktober as part of the Inktober overall challenge! Since Inktober started on Tuesday, six topics from the list posted by ZOS on Twitter have been covered.

For me, the week went well – I managed everything on time and did not miss anything on the themes. In this post I wanted to share with you my success in mastering these topics! In my work, I use black ink, sometimes also white, to highlight some places in the picture.

Day 1: Guar

5f0xrb5zd2r31 - My first art week for ESOInktober!

In this case, the dunmer merchant is preparing for departure, he checks the seat belts and harness

Day 2: Wrathstone

l336xskhf2r31 - My first art week for ESOInktober!

I decided to represent the Tablet directly in action – when Abnur Tharn released dragons from the Halls of the Colossus.

The difficulty for me was Kaalgrontiid, the same dragon in the corner of the picture. And all because I needed to deploy it in a certain way, and with it, correctly deploy all of its many horns, processes, fangs, and all these details. It was much more complicated than the first day of the challenge.

Day 3: Khajiit

prjmlz7of2r31 - My first art week for ESOInktober!

This Khajiit is an alchemist. It is unclear how good his skills are, because he smoked everywhere, mixes something strange – but he is clearly passionate about the result!

It is interesting – that I have never painted Khajiit – I was very interested in this matter. It was especially reassuring to shave fur, ears, face – and all this I did while listening to the calm melodies of ESO-bards.

Day 4: Psijic

7dcec2dlg2r31 - My first art week for ESOInktober!

I decided to show Psijics at the time of the decision to bring Artaeum to Nirn

They opening own borders after they saw a warning about the attempt to penetrate the island of Mephala's forces. As you know, in the past – after the creation of the Guild of Mages, Psijics moved their own island beyond the known borders of the world. And Mephala tried to get to their island in the prologue quest for ESO: Summerset.

Day 5: Sacrifice

3bf1hlf6h2r31 - My first art week for ESOInktober!

Mannimarco made a sacrifice and puts the soul in soulgem for the needs of his sinister master – the Daedric lord of enslavement, Molag Bal.

Day 6: Guard

r3r9uzbeh2r31 - My first art week for ESOInktober!

The Dwemer sphere is part of the protective system of the underground cities of the Dwemer!

As many people know, the empty abandoned underground cities of the Dwemer are still under the protection of their mechanical guards, automatons. In the art, one of them – the Dwemer sphere, is chasing the magician who has taken possession of the Dwemer cube and is trying to take it with him. Probably the cube, when removed, activated a security system that revived the automatons.


On this – the first week of ESOInktober ended, I will continue this trial and I think I will learn a lot more! I really like this challenge, for me, participation in Inktober is the first time, and the whole process is incredibly motivating!

Thank you for your attention, if someone wants to see my other work, here are the links to my accounts:
mekorranian - My first art week for ESOInktober!
Pavel Shipilin - My first art week for ESOInktober!

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