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My first ESO experience as a former WoW player

TheElderScrolls14 - My first ESO experience as a former WoW player

Hello ESO reddit!

So today I started playing ESO on my PS4. I was excited to say the least because I was looking for an MMORPG where I can lose myself in a living world. ESO didn't let me down. Be ready for a long read tho.


So I created my Dragon Knight Nord and my adventure began. I had done the tutorial some years ago but can't remember it. Anyway, I skipped it and started of in Summerset. I picked up my first quest from this cat looking guy called Raz. I like him a lot. I knew he was going to be my best bud.

After I picked up the quest, I started exploring the shore and forest. Killed some animals and got a small understanding of the combat. Nvm, let's keep going.

I explored the city Shimmerene and holy god it is beautiful. I love the architecture and the graphics. I talked to a lady that wanted my to find her missing kid. Sorry ma'm, your kid has to wait. I have to talk to a pearl. I didn't know that yet. But that happened, yes. I chased a life sucking pearl instead of saving kids. Hehe….

Into the chambers

After finding my stalker girl who took me to the chambers, all hell broke lose. I finally got to fight a lot of enemies. I won ofc. We head to the next room and she tells me we have to escape? Damn, can't we just turn back and walk out the regular way? We just cleared that room… But no, we hae to keep going deeper. Anyway…

Inside this small dungeon, I found another player. We grouped and he followed my roleplaying commands via voice chat. A perfect slavery work if you ask me. We clear it easily and exit the chambers.


Metting up with me homie Raz again, he gives me a fancy outfit. Thank you Raz. I also get invited to a party! I pack all my funny drinks and head out. Raz is indeed my new best buddy. We talk to that dumb chick who doesn't know what happens in her own properties. Stupid…

Stalker and Raz teams up and I like it. We go to a CORAL FOREST? FOR REAL?!?!?! It didn't look as cool as it sounded but it was pretty cool. We find the evil guy and the stupid chick. He scared me when he started summon a monster and shit. But yeah my 2h sword sliced him like a thin pizza.

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Italy or ESO?

Story goes on. I meet a lot of players on my journey which is nice. Too few with voice chat on ps4 tho. (At this time I didn't even know people could hear me as I was streaming at the same time) I'm supposed to find a place. I go to the marker but on my way, I find a mini boss gryphon big ass creature which me and my lizard friend took down. Didn't get any cool loot. Meh.


I resume my quest and find the mini coliseum. Are we in rome? No. I get teleported to some place that almost looks like Summerset. On this island tho. All people are very lazy, as I get into a building with floating books and weird mages. The psiljsic group or something. It was hard to spell and didn't take notes. I had to fetch people when I didn't know the place. Why don't you teleport to your fellow comrades instead?

I listen to the hologram in the water of 3 deadric people having a metting (I think it was like that) My quest ends about here and now I've spent 1,5 hours finishing 1 QUEST? I love it <3

Strange things

Now I head back to Shimmerene. I went to the maze to log out because I knew I had to find that kid sooner or later. As I go there, I'm speaking to my stream: "Where do I go in this maze? Can't find sh*t." That's where the funny thing happens. A player walks up to me and SPEAKS? I can hear his voice. This is where I realizd people could hear me. He helped me out and we sat on a bench talking about life. I tried to talk to other players who couldn't speak in voice chat. But they heard me as they followed my commands. I was speechless. I logged out after trying this.

Thoughts on ESO

So far. I love it. I spent my evening doing just 1 quest and it felt rewarding and fun. Quests are on point. The combat got repetitive pretty fast. I hope it gets better with more skills. I was looking for 1h sword + shield combo but only got a bow as weapon loot. I guess I have to wait for that one. I like how you ca customize your characters stats, skills, weapon skill and armor the way you want it. I will be playing tomorrow after work, that's for sure.

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Is there anything I should know before continuing my journey? Leave a comment down below. I would love to read some responses. And If you want more posts like these where I tell you about my adventures as a new player, I can keep doing them!

If you want to follow my newbie adventures I have a stream on twitch. "Nordicheroes" is my name and would love some advice and tips as I play through the game. I hope you have space to take in a new player like me.

Thank you for reading. <3

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