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My first experience of Cyrodiil

TheElderScrolls9 - My first experience of Cyrodiil

I tried the game out with its 5 day free trial (iirc), and as an avid fan of the Elder Scrolls series I was not disappointed. Most of the first 3 or so days was just exploring Vvardenfell and it's main story, which is actually funny because I initially thought I was adventuring in the base game, only to figure out it wasn't. After level 10 I was really excited to jump into Cyrodiil, the tutorial was quite nice to have even though I had the basics down before I started, honestly I really only did it for the exp and alliance points. After that I really wasn't sure what to do, my mount was slow, my gear was awful, my ability rotation was laughable at best, and yet I still had fun! Between getting curb stomped by experienced players and running around aimlessly, I found my self to be useful in ways other than the traditional killing enemies like you would find in WoW, which of course was the game that I came from before this. With the alliance points I mustered up from completing the tutorial I was able to buy a couple siege weapons and actually help out my faction by setting them up for others to use. I was able to protect them from incoming siege weaponry, I was able to heal my allies, even if it was miniscule, and if someone died I was able to sneak up to his or her dead body and get a revive off with my soul gems! While not sieging I was able to buff my fighters to give them a leg up on the battlefield! Although it may have seemed like I was just a new player, I forced my self to be useful and adapted to my weakness and strengthened other areas. It surprised me because I was even invited to groups after the battle or siege, the community was astounding. I played on a pretty low populated 7 day Cyrodiil, and when I went to the highest populated one I was floored by the sheer amount of players there could be on one screen alone! I swear it was the Aldmeri Dominion and the Ebonheart Pact pushing against each other for what seemed like hours just for control of a bridge that connected 2 pieces of land. Going back and forth fighting for control of a bridge may seem boring on the outside, but experiencing the battle was incredible. I was fascinated by the sheer amount of things a new player can do without even touching an enemy player. I'm going to buy this game today, because I simply cannot stop thinking about it.


P.S Shout out to the group of Daggerfall Covenants messing with me while I tried running from them lol.

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