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My first moments in ESO

TheElderScrolls4 - My first moments in ESO

So ive started with ESO yesterday and I want to share my first experience.

After finishing the tutorial quest ive found myself in a Harbor of Morrwind.
Somewhere I've read that I have to eat Cake to get a mount for free. Aftetthe ttutorial quest with the Boat ive decided to get this Cake! Well I had to find a Baker. I tried to find him but the map was a it confusing.I ventured from Morewind to Highrock Yet no luck. Well ove got to see some nice locations while on my Journey, I've went from Highrock down to Daggerfall.. to Hammerfell and back to Morrwind.After 45 Minuts of journey torugh the Map I finally found the Habor with the Baker! Thank Thalos I thought. I've realized it was New Davoc.. kinda felt stupid. Well of to the Baker I tought. The Shock came as i is tasked to gather the ingredients. No biggi I tought. To market I went just to find out I dont have enough money for Banand. Somehow I've needed to get money. So I did some side quest. There I got one from a shady looking fella who tasked me to steal whine. No problemo! I was a high ranking member in the thieves guild back in Skyirm. While on my way to the tavern to steal the whine I got knocked out by a group of cultist who captured me and sacrificed me to the great lord Molag Bal. After my supposed death i woke up in the after life, imprisoned as an eternal slave for the Deadra. Someone approached me and tried helped me to escape. We fought our way torugh the Dungeon, battled Deadra, some ghouls and Monsters. Upon escaping I learned that I died and this is some other dimension. I have to find a so called prophet to open to Portal wich connects the Mortal realm and this world. This would bring me and the other prisoners back. Let's do this! I found the Imprisoned Prophet. I tried to find a way to get thr prophet out of there but no luck. The only option we got was the the person who rescued me out of the cell had to sacrificed her selfe so the prophet would escape from his prison. F. While venturing forth with the prophet the dark lord Molag Bal appeard and tried to stop us. This was a moment to behold! Sadly it got ruined as he summoned a golem? I took him down and then returned with the prophet to Tamriel. While the portal was opened the prothed somehow died and be came sort of a ghost and warned me upon many dangers wich are about to come…..


Well I still didnt got the Cake I wanted.

TL:DR I wanted some Cake, ended up dying and escaping some Deadra.

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