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My first month playing ESO

TheElderScrolls8 - My first month playing ESO

I don't consider myself much of a gamer. I play Doom a lot, I play some of the PS4 exclusive games but rarely finish them. I love Resident Evil, Dead by Daylight, Silent Hill… There are only 2 games I've ever played a decent amount of online are Friday the 13th and Lord of the Rings Online. I'm a casual Elder Scrolls fan. I played through Oblivion, and Skyrim and loved those. I tried playing Morrowind, and I think maybe it's a bit too dated for me.

Recently, my friend got a PC and I saw he has been playing ESO a lot on Steam. I originally bought ESO in 2015, and I think because I tried playing the game like Skyrim, found it hard to get into and didn't enjoy the online aspect. Due to social distancing, I miss my bro, so I re-installed ESO. I enjoyed doing Dark Brotherhood missions and thought I'd get ESO+ for a month, play through Greymoor and quit again, but that's not going to be the case.

When I originally played, I made a Dragonknight and I've found it's just not for me. He suggested I try Necromancer. I had the extra Crowns so I purchased Necro. He was right, the game was fun. I played through Vestige in the first few days of the Undaunted event, leveling enough to be able to play in dungeons. Doing this with a Necromancer really forced me to learn the mechanics of the game, rather than just clicky click click like I did with the Dragonknight I had first made in 2015.I queued for dungeons, and I queued a lot. The wait time on PC was long, but I met more than a few really cool players that I'm now friends with, and I'm in 4 different guilds that all have their own purposes. I haven't played an online game with a sense of inclusion like I've felt with ESO before. I was late to the party with Lord of the Rings Online and it felt lonely to play in a way. Seeing an online world that was once populated with players now somewhat barren of life. ESO isn't like that at all.


Now with the New Life Festival I've had the chance to experience even more of the game, learning crafting and traveling to new areas that I hadn't yet seen. Inspired by New Life's travels to different regions, I've started using the Zone Guides to clear areas. I'm 2 in 100% (Auridon, Bleak Rock & currently doing Stonefalls) and expect to keep going through the majority of the year. I've also cleared the Dark Brotherhood storyline & started the Mage's & Thieves guilds stories as well.

I'm currently 183CP (High Elf) Necromancer. I've gotten the Indrik mount from the Undaunted Event, and evolved it to Spectral Indrik with this one (it looks cool with my Necromancer), gotten the Crimson Indrik pet, gotten some cool looking motifs and Opal staffs. I haven't really worked for a character like I have with this, and I really like it so far, but there's so much to learn. I still don't know squat about gear, or how to set up a skillset properly, and don't know thing one on how to distribute points or champion points (I've put everything into Magicka and Restoration of Magicka so far…) but I'm just hoping as time goes on I can continue to learn and build this character up and correct things down the road.

It's nice to feel like I have some friends to hang out with, even if they're just screen names online.

Here are some photos of my character and a link to my ESO Database page.

21150507 - My first month playing ESO

sYtpSI7 - My first month playing ESO

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