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My first real ESO Adventure

TheElderScrolls15 - My first real ESO Adventure

Let me tell you the tale of how I braved the Ruins of Mazzatun on Veteran Difficulty last night.

I started playing roughly a month ago. I hit Lv50 on my Dragonknight last weekend and as you can imagine I am not CP300 by far not even CP160 in fact.

I queued up for my daily dungeons and Pledges like everyday. It was in Tempest Island on Veteran Difficulty. My first time in that Dungeon on veteran. So I briefed my Team of CP400+ Characters. They said it was fine and we continued through the Dungeon. Around the half way point one of them assured me that we are doing great and apon asked that I was doing great as well. After we completed Tempest Island they asked if we wanted to knock out the other Pledges as well so we headed into Darkshade Caverns II on Veteran as well. Halfway through they asked me if I wanted to join their Guild and 20 minutes later I was hitting them up in Discord. They were a funny bunch and we really hit it off.

After Darkshade Caverns they asked if we wanted to do Ruins of Mazzatun next and I embarrising pointed out that I was only CP90 at the time and poorly equipped. So we decided to go to normal difficulty. But through an accident we entered on Veteran Difficulty regardless. Since we didn't feel like going back we said fuck it and continued anyway.

It was rough I am not going to lie. We probably would've cleared the normal version under half an hour but we bit the bullet and continued through it anyway. Lo and behold we reached the final boss roughly in 2 hours (didn't really keep track but thats what it felt like). This argonian B**** was tough. We easily attempted her for another hour or two until we had a solid gameplan.


And then we beat it! We actually did it! With CP95 no less! I got an adrenaline rush when that "Activity Completed" popped up like I only get when playing a Fromsoftware Game. The Discord was going WILD! It was AMAZING!

I can already tell this is going to be an Evening I am going to remember for decades and I hope there are many more to come.

Now I know this was only possible because I was in there with a group of people that stuck with me and had voice communication but it felt like a true achievement regardless!

I saw some toxic posts on this subreddit where people got kicked from Veteran DLC dungeon groups by not hitting an arbitrary CP-Level defined by the community like CP400 or CP500 regardless of whats recommended by the game.

Know this! I beat this fucking dungeon on CP95. It was tough and took forever but it was fucking possible to do which I did not even expect!

MAN THIS GAME IS AWESOME! Have a great weekend everyone!

TL;DR: Met a bunch of awesome people last night which promptly invited me to their guild and we did Ruins of Mazzatun on Veteran Difficulty with me as the Tank even though I was only CP90-95 at the time! It was AWESOME!

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