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My haul for the whole Undaunted Event

TheElderScrolls14 - My haul for the whole Undaunted Event

So, I ran a total of 76 dungeons during the event. I had a total of 14 characters, and ran one on each of them almost every day. There was one day I didn't get to 8 of them, so I wound up with 76 out of a possible 84 mystery boxes (if you super optimized your times you could get one additional box out of each, but that would have required waking up during the middle of the night just to do it, so that did not happen).

So, what I got for the week was as follows:

-Countless motifs. I already knew all of the Mazzatun and Silken ring styles, and most of those motifs are very cheap. So those were mostly a disappointment whenever I got. I did however get quite a few Scalecaller, Fang Lair, and Dreadhorn motifs. Only got like 3 or 4 Bloodforge motifs for some reason, and a couple were duplicates. My luck with Dreadhorn was especially good, as I only knew two of the motifs before the event and now know all but three, and those remaining three I can pick up at decent prices now.

-Maybe a dozen or so undaunted keys. Actually didn't have a super high drop rate on them, but they're always useful.

-A limited amount of undaunted plunder. I probably only got around 10k worth of this.

-A couple dozen surveys. I need to conglomerate them and see which all ones I wound up with, but it should help with my crafting supplies.

-Five of the rare pets. I got the silver daenian werewolf tracker, the small bone dragon construct, the haj mota hatchling, the karthwolf, and the frostbane bear.

The pets and motifs were the main triumphs for me. I have been able to make a couple hundred thousand off of selling duplicate motifs, so that was nice. It was a solid haul that helps me out a decent amount going forward, but I will readily admit that not getting a single mount or house makes it feel like the event wasn't quite a rousing success. I grinded for hours each day and basically had little other gameplay in this or any other game for basically a week, so it needed the big payoff of mount or house to really feel totally worth it, and that didn't happen. Overall I kind of enjoyed the event, and it was a good thing, but I'd probably have to give my experience from it a grade of about B- or C+. Passing and above average, but not great.

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