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I love MOBAS

If they brought more magic back from morowind that would be great. Specifically levitate, jump, and feather. Make magic benefit certain play styles and bring back attributes…

For example, if I want to be quick, and stealthy, the magic that would benefit that style would be jump and feather to make quick get aways, or to quickly avoid sight hiding on a roof. Use a blink to get away. More magic that can benefit that style that wasn't in skyrim might be magic arrows, when I move an object with telekinesis I should be able to throw it to distract, or to summon a spectral version of myself running in a direction to fool the people chasing me. Straight up invisibility isn't much fun, however, turning into a statue and letting enemies run by you could be while it drains magic while you hold that form, and if caught moving being discovered. Summon a glass wall that enemies have to fight through to get to you to slow them down. Be able to mind control an enemy would be bad ass, Speed attribute and intelligence is huge here…

But let's say I wanted speed and agility, forget the magic… well having skills like being able to sprint with notched arrows, perfect timed dodges briefly setting small recoil from missing a hit, (I'm thinking a small movement badass dodge.. not a dodge roll), when I sneak attack, make an option to interogate, critical hit skills causing other effects like blood spraying out of a carotid artery or femoral artery slowing draining health, poisons that stop people from healing, poison that stunts stamina regen, I think it was kinda cool how you could make someone fall down in combat when they ran out if stamina, there's so much you can do with that, if you're being chased by enemies that run out of stamina and you turn around and have an easy knock back effect with an arrow that's awesome.

Let's say you want to focus on strength and speed… like a berserker, wielding a two handed weapon swinging wildly cleaning heads and shoving your blade through the body of an enemy, well then having skills like adrenaline rush, and cleaving blows (hit more than one enemy with your swing) would be bad ass, tone down on the length of cutscene, like in dishonored, watching time slow for 1 second as the facial expression of death goes through the scene, have a skill where you can hack a man's legs off and show him mercy, as he begs you forgiveness, or another skill to bash in shields of those that are fatigued. The dodge skill from above with an all out damage dealer and lite health just seems badass to me.

Let's say you wanted to be a tank with high health, and focus on sword and shield combat. You'd focus on endurance, and strength.
You could have skills that reflect damage, make you immune to knock back or shield destruction, or skills that with perfect timed blocks having a parry option. Your shield could (with magic) be thrown and ricochet off enemies. You don't need magic to inspire troops around you. But having a call to arms yell of glory skill under building your defense, speaking in which I'd like to see larger battles where that becomes a major benefit to use. Ability to catch a sword that's landed a hit on your armor. A charging ability likely seen in fo4 in power armor.


An intellect magic build for a tank could be having lots of crowd control magic like slowing time in 1 area… slowing all time everywhere has to be super draining. Flame wall should slow enemies, that tread through it, the wall that blocks enemies off, a weak telekinesis that holds an enemy that doesn't have the anti knockback skill. Ward's that have all sorts of effects when it ie reflect damage, heal you, regen magic, all different types of wards. Magic that drains speed, strength, or any attribute, a spell that corrodes enemy weapons.

Now mage… just full out mage…. It's my favorite, and I might be biased, but when I play a mage I want to let my imagination run free. Bring back the spell creation alter!!!!!!! If I want to go full intelligence and wisdom, and have little health or speed…. I better be able to defend myself. With that said, I'd like to see magic similar to that of rage. Blink, pick up an enemy and squish his head, blast people close by with a whirlwind and not have to wait for a lengthy recharge on a shout, more than just trash elemental damage on destruction, I want to hold someone in a gravity well, i want to shoot wide laser beams that cut low health enemies in half, I want to fire quick projectiles from my hands, if I want to build a spell that is more efficient and used on touch I should be able too, likewise, the fusion of conjuration and destruction should be capable, if I want to summon a flaming lightning sword of frost, I want to be able to do it in spell creation. I actually don't mind a cooldown for manyof these overpowered effects but I do want to cast quick… playing on the hardest difficulty of skyrim casting master level destruction would kill me every time. The shout cooldown was way too long. But combining magica cost with a small cooldown on master level spells would be a little more ballanced and much more fun, I want to be able to do a couple of quick slots to chain effects together quickly… the quick slot in skyrim took me way out of the game. It was optimum in oblivion where I played so much I just knew where the ability or items was that I wanted were.

Now this brings me to close with the most important but hardest thing to achieve, is creating an ai that works well and feels different with all the different options and combinations I described… having a different team develop different sets of enemies will make each set of enemy feel different. I felt like whatever I fought in skyrim was the same enemy with different health, speed, and power. Having an epic chase as someone blinking away from combat and having other enemies blinking after you racing you for your survival would be awesome. Like the thalmor could be chasing me and blinking in and out being spell swords will feel a lot different than fighting nords trying to hack my head off.

I have so many more ideas about combat and the parallels to mobas. But for the sake of anyone that's made it this far, congratulations let's talk about what other awesome spells, skills, and combat systems can be brought to the table.

If Bethesda ever needs a great alpha tester, I'm happy to help.

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