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First off this is NOT A LEAK NOR MOST LIKELY GONNA HAPPEN (it'd be nice if it did) this is simply a fan giving ideas to other fans to daydream about. but if this does ever happen well…thanks bethesda

Well lets start this list of things i PERSONALLY want in es6

  1. Seasons. i would love to see a much more changing worlds, such as it being much hotter and seeing a different bunch of animals or enemies. and when its colder your most likely to see more dangerous beasts roaming out of hunger, possibly ending up close to civilization
  2. A more diverse animation pool. Now i feel like some people have got sick of the ole. left right left right slashing of a sword. while sure what else could you do? well even make it do a upward slash or changing animations depending on species your fighting. or like when you sneaking and idle with a dagger you will roll it on your fingers if your high level in sneak. while if your low level you will do this a accidentally drop the dagger. (purely visual you dont actually drop the dagger)
  3. make it feel lively. my BIGGEST complaint about skyrim was that nothing felt like it truly mattered. like sure the main quest felt like it mattered. but beyond that nothing felt like it needed YOU to do it. i wanna see something that can clearly pull me in such as detecting simply how i play the game. so if i end up at…whatever warriors guild as a clear mage. they will detect this and criticize me for being weaker then them for using only spells. or on the opposite end. you are a very high level in weaponry they will compliment you and jokingly say you made a deal with a daedra.
  4. water magic. now this THIS is the one most likely to NEVER happen. but i would say why not? ash magic was introduced so why not water? water is mainly used in healing but can dish out damage in a much more aoe way. and lets throw in air to finish the elements, air would be used more for movement or buffs. but again has offensive spells, meant to knock down or give heavy debuffs such as knocking weapons out of enemies hands or just to get out of the way as quick as possible.
  5. metals are key. crafting weapons have become a very important thing to es, as such i would love to see more crafting. such as a gladius like the imperial sword. or more metals, such as copper or bronze. or introduce more es metals. also to allow more customization to your weapons to make them truly feel unique. like putting a jewel in your swords pommel. or entirely making a weapon from scratch. from getting a particular wood to a particular metal to a particular shape of blade. bows would be the one id be unsure of how to customize so this one is again never gonna happen cause it would lead to armor customization also.
  6. Wait enemies have eyes? skyrim gave sneak a lot of new things. but i never felt that being right in front of someone while sneaking would suddenly make you invisible to the naked eye despite being 2 feet in front of them, simply hiding in plain sight no longer works unless you are behind something or in foliage. or do have the magic to pull it off. the question is…do they have ears?
  7. the world is alive. This is the one i loved that mods did. I LOVE random encounters. but skyrim felt so…dead? sure beyond the occasional wolf or guy on a horse. the world felt dead. i mean sure it isnt cyrodil but still! skyrim was fairly advanced in building to obviously make roads. so in es6 i desperatly want more encounters or have more people traveling across the world or hunting or simply well…trying to steal. imagine your going to pull of the heist of a life time. a sweet roll in a chest. only to find…SOMEONE IS ROBBING THE PLACE TOO! this would either lead to a speech check, guild check, or fight them and risk waking everyone up.
  8. house and board. hearthfire gave everyone a home but as fallout 4 came out. i saw potential in it. and i truly hope i can build my home like fallout 4 but in es6. but in es6 it will still require a deed. or other ways bethesda can think up.
  9. 30th anniversary release, i would be pleased if es6 came out 2024. why? one i want it to be finished cause… i dont want another fallout 76. but with the 30th anniversary there would be *hopefully* be a release to get some new es gear. such as 30th anniversary edition. which included all the es games included es6 with it. all of it contained in a elder scroll. (digital codes)
  10. uniques. bethesda loves unique weapons and well, i would hope they see unique uniques. and make actually unique uniques.
  11. BOOM HEADSHOT! the thing i hated in skyrim was that hitting someone in the head with a arrow did no extra damage. in es6 limb damage should be introduced where its similar to fallouts crippling. where you shoot someone in the head. they take extra damage and rarely…just die, arms likely to drop their weapon and not pick it back up, legs they have a chance to move slower and drag their leg, knee, you get a achievement, foot, they can sometimes be pinned in place


    well that is all i can think of that i want, let me know what you guys think, or if you disagree or completly agree, or have more ideas! love ya guys and cant wait to see what comes next!

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