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I have been a fan of the series since a young age. In elementary school I saw my beat friends dad playing oblivion and was mesmerized. I immediately, as many young kids do, began badgering my parents to get the game. My dad being an old school gamer himself and at the time was an avid D&D player was intrigued. He bought the game for us and I fell in love immediately. As a fan of the series since about a month or two after the release of oblivion I understand that I missed out on Morrowind and am currently enjoying the hell out of this game. Since it’s been almost a decade since Skyrim I would have expected to have a new game by now. What I’m hoping is that we get a new elder scrolls with multiple places to explore instead of being held to just one area such as the grey and snowy Skyrim. I feel like the whole chosen one idea is very played out and want to be nobody, hopefully with multiple different endings to the “main” story. Best case scenario we would have several main stories to play through other than just guild related storylines, which I thoroughly enjoy. As well as multiple storylines I would hope to have no indestructible characters as this would remove an incredible layer of possibility to change and influence the storyline. A slew of new weapons and weapon types would also be nice due to the repetitive nature of only swinging, shooting, or sneaking around. Along with more weapons, a more diverse and powerful magic system that would hold its own rewards and consequences for the magic used. More npc characters and side quests are always a must since most of my favorite experiences in Tamriel have been side quests. Daedric side quests are also a big part of my experience in elder scrolls games and I would love to have longer, more rewarding daedric quests. I’m not too sure how I would want a skill/perk system to be since there are so many ways to play and often times you have to have a certain skill/perk to be good. I want every tree or however they do it to be a viable option for beginning and end game. A stronger end game is also necessary because once you’ve played through and completed all the quests you set out to achieve there is nothing to do but admire your glories. End game should be a more rewarding and difficult experience with possible ways to buff enemies to get better loot. Borderlands 3 does a great job with this and could be interesting in a game for elder scrolls. When it comes to enemies it can become repetitive when bandits, goblins, dragons, etc. are the main people to look out for. I will admit I do not know what kind of enemies I want but I would love for the creators to get creative and work up something crazy for us! As races for your player go I just want there to be more difference in between each race and stronger buffs and debuffs based on your choice. New armor types would also be interesting and each should be viable so that I don’t always have to have a set of heavy daedric armor. Enchanting is a tough subject because I’m not sure how to improve on it other than hope it is a more diverse and powerful system. Stealth is a big part of the way I have always played rpg’s and I want to see more interesting ways to sneak about and more equipment to benefit. While this is just a jumbled wishlist of thoughts, I hope you enjoyed reading and please throw some suggestions or critiques in the comments.


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