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TheElderScrolls4 - My idiocy

So I've been grinding levels to get to level 81 so I can do the only (and I mean only) thing I haven't done: Fight the Ebony Warrior (and a legendary dragon, but that's not as important). I have played the game probably over 20 times, and I really have done everything, I have checked many times. Currently level 79, and since this just happened, I'm also level 79 in this story. I almost have every skill at 100, I'm just missing some easy things like heavy armor, restoration, 2 handed, and pickpocketing. I have some other stuff, but they're all legendary skills and at about 90, so they don't matter. I have broken the game with fortify restoration loop, and all my gear is incredibly OP, but I'm keeping my fight fair. Since I want it fair, and I have some levels to grind, I figured might as well make ebony armor, use that while being pummeled by 2 giants and 2 mammoths, and level up heavy armor and restoration. And then after I'm at 81 I'll enchant that gear, and just make my current weapons but not incredibly OP. My first step was to use waking dreams to reset my skill points in smithing, and redistribute my points to the heavy armor side of the smithing tree. I did just that. Then i get back to Skyrim, and I instantly realize not only did I put my points in the wrong side of the tree, but I had already had everything in the heavy armor side of the tree, so that entire first step wasn't needed. That kinda sucked cuz I wasted time on it, but I have like 50 dragon souls so it's fine. I go back, put all my points back in, and go back to my house. I go into my basement, take all my ebony (about 120 pieces), some leather strips, and I craft my armor. I leave out the shield because I figured I'd use Spellbreaker. I go outside, look at my list of armor, and equip everything. It should be noted my carrying capacity is about 18,000 cuz I drank a fortify resto potion before taking the extra pockets perk. Also, it might be 180,000 carrying capacity, I haven't bothered to count. I then stop for a moment. I had 5 helmets, 7 chest plates, and 4 gauntlets. The only thing I didn't have was boots. Also had 15 ebony shields, which really made me laugh. So I literally had everything already made, besides boots which I had the capability to make. I also had forgotten to improve my armor, which I need to do when I get back home (doing some shopping irl). I feel like the biggest idiot right now. Edit: Spelling and clarification


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