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My issue with the game (not rant) and some change that could be made

TheElderScrolls1 - My issue with the game (not rant) and some change that could be made

Hi everyone!

A few thing that need to be said before i start.

  1. English is not my native language. Grammar maniac are welcome to tell me if i'm doing some mistakes.
  2. I haven't reach level 50 with any of my character yet. Because of this, i my have some thing on which i am misinformed or unaware. This is, in part, why i'm here.
  3. On top of my mighty 50-ish hours of gameplay, i will bring some idea that i deem ''cool'' and that i wish would make their way into the game. You are welcome to criticise them because my ideas are not perfect. Just keep it civilized.

Main topic, the issue i see.

I've been enjoying the game so far. i got in when the game release, it was a mess so i left. I've decided to play something i deemed unusual, a Magblade healer (not unusual, i know now).

I've been interested to play to play many other class, mixing role and weapons to have some unique build! And with all of those skills at my dispositions, i can… or, at least, i should be able…

But here's the issue i've found, i'm not experienced enough to come up with my own build and every where i look on internet to fin some build, it turn out the same way all the time. 2-3 Class skills, the rest are guilds, alliance and weapons skills. Beside those few class skills all build look the same since there's some abilities that seems mandatory for a role. The weapons, altough plenty, feel restricting/restricted (more on that later). All combo of classes and weapons turn out so similar it's bothering me. Yes, there's a few exception like a ''sorc pet'' or a ''mag DK''Even worse, i feel like Stam is a lot more restricted than mag even though they have more weapons at their disposal.

As for Guilds and alliance active abilities, there's just so much of them but they can be used by every classes, there's nothing that feel unique about these either

Taking a magicka DPS, you have have 3 Classes skill lines that are unique to… well… your classes. But you have 7 skill lines that are open to everyone (weapons, fighters, mages, Psijic, Undaunted and both alliances) and i'm not even counting vampire because this is is subjective. If you are using a stam DPS or healer, you most likely have an other weapons, so an other skill lines. And we have 10 ability slots and 2 ults slots…

I feel like all classes are the same beside for one or two things. Is it just me or i'm right on this? I'm sure some more experienced players can give me an insight. Perhaps something i haven't noticed or saw in an other way.

The solutions

Because criticizing, without bring up possible alternative, is just complaining with extra steps, I have thougth of some idea that might be cool and could bring a certain flavor to some builds.

-Classes: This is amoung the first thing you decide when you create a character, yet i feel like there isn't enough impact on that. I've played a lot of Final Fantasy 14. Unlike ESO, FF14 has barely any freedom on builds. But even if you play 2 tank classes (which have some abilities that are similar and has an other sets of ability related to the role) they will feel different because of one thing, class mechanics.


It's something that i realized it was missing when i was thinking about doing a stealth healer. Nightblade should be able to do it but it couldn't. But it got my thinking about how cool it would be… if balanced right. Otherwise it would be broken. Regardless, every classes should have a classes mechanic that work in any role. I would avoid turning such a feature into ults, just leave them as 2 seperate thing.

A good exemple of this would be something like a ''Storm Charge'' for sorc. Something that some ability (classe, weapon, ect) can charge and emplify some other ability but consume said charges.

-Weapons: What i meant by ''limiting/limited'' is simple. Limiting because you they can dictate what attribute and playstyle you'll have but at the same time they are limited by the attribute (it depend on how you see the issue). You can't play a stam DPs with a destruction staff (well, yes you can but how bad would it be?) but in a theoretical way, you should be able to.

What i propose is simple, a 2nd set of skills per weapon but using the other resource they are not using (heal staff excluded?). Best example i can think of is how they use they weapon in Guild Wars 2. The greatsword is a focus used to throw range attack with the ''Mesmer''. Skyrim also have something of the sort with the ''Bloodskal Blade'', the greatsword that launch crimson slash when you do a power attack, and bound weapons. (it's not exactly like what i'm proposing but it wouldn't be lore-breaking.)

Long range energy slash with magicka based ability of hitting someone in the face and force the staff to discharge it element, that kind of stuff would open new avenu for builds. If the devs want to make this easy/lazy, Just use existing ability of other weapon and put a different visual effect. Without potentially breaking the game, it would feel a lot more unique.

-Guilds: There should be one or 3 actives and the reste should be passive with some that apply to you even if you don't have a guilds skills in your bar (i mean, did i worked to get to rank 10 or not?). Just put these skill near the end of the list.

Alliances: Beside their ults, i don't really see these abilities being used often (or i never noticed) so i'm not going to fiddle with these, i don't have enough experience with these.

-Champoin Points: Since i don't have a character level 50, i couldn't experience them first hand. I'll let you guy decide about these.

**-Conclussion-**That was a lot to unpack. As i said, i'm just a newby in this game but this is my opinion and ideas to fix what i believe to be an issue. I don't even know if the devs will see this but they won't care i'm the only one who does.

Anyway, you surely have your own opinion on the matter so, please, let me know what you think of all of this. Tell me that i'm a crazy noob that don't know the game or that i'm right (but respectfully), expand on the idea that are and will be brougth here. Make some noise and keep this alive until we come up with something that please us all (or the majority, at least) and force the devs to acknowledge this!

Ciao everyone!

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