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My nerdy, unrealistic, crazy, and way-too-detailed layout of the rest of The Elder Scrolls series’ future

TheElderScrolls3 - My nerdy, unrealistic, crazy, and way-too-detailed layout of the rest of The Elder Scrolls series' future

Hi all, no TL;DR for this as it is way too detailed to water down. As a complete dork who loves The Elder Scrolls way too much, I have crafted an idea of what I would want the rest of the series' mainline single-player titles would be. The years are probably way too close together in terms of release, the descriptions are what I would want in a perfect world, and honestly, I don't think the series would ever go this far. But hey, a guy can dream.

You can completely disagree with all of this 100%, and I encourage it! I love looking into the future of such a beloved franchise, cause I see so much more potential with all the technology that will be coming within the next few decades. We all love TES for completely different reasons and I want there to be a discussion. Buckle up, nerds.


The Elder Scrolls VI: Redfall, 2026:

Province: Hammerfell and High Rock

Summary: Only 10 years after the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The provinces of Hammerfell and High Rock are at odds with each other. After Skyrim seceded from the Empire, High Rock is the only province left under the Empire except for Cyrodiil. Tensions are high as an independent Hammerfell is at odds with their northern trading partner whose government insists on keeping with the status quo. Rumblings from the Bretons show a desire to secede as they are surrounded on all sides by free peoples. With tensions high, a rumbling from below the sands of the Alik’r shows that the Redguards must fight more against a new threat, and might have to swallow the pride they cherish and ask for help from their Northern neighbors. In a twist of fate, these two provinces will once again be wrapped up in a conflict where they will have to put aside their political qualms and utilize the magical abilities of the Bretons to fight this threat.

New Gameplay Elements: Settlement Building will be reworked from Fallout 4 and implemented ala Hearthfire to make small villages. Weapon creation and crafting will fuse the Fallout 4 system and Skyrim’s smithing system to create new combinations with different hilts and blades. Alchemy and Enchanting will be greatly expanded with new ways to learn enchants and alchemy recipes that will require a little bit more thought than Skyrim. Combat and Magic (spell creation will return) will be expanded and overhauled, adding more choices and combos of playstyles, instead of specific classes like previous games. Perks and leveling will be similar to Skyrim, but with more of a focus on perks and the ability to jump between different playstyles. There will be no Shouts-like powers as the idea of simplification in combat will be a major draw, as archer, mage, and warrior will be the focus, and customization of all of these will allow variety. Sailing will be a huge new gameplay element with ports, ship customization, crew building, and island crawling will take up a lot of the time you can spend in the game.

Lore additions:

Sentinel and Daggerfall will be the major socioeconomic and large cities of the game, being player hubs depending on what race they choose initially. Khajiits, Argonians, Dunmer, Nords, and Redguards will start in Hammerfell; Imperials, Bretons, Bosmer, and Altmer will begin in High Rock. It won’t be long to unlock the other province, as it will only require a little story progression. Orsinium will not exist but instead, be ruins to explore after a sacking done by the Bretons and Imperials. The Alik’r desert will be a major survival area that will be the most difficult to traverse. High Rock will be a magic-focused province as the mage’s guild and Thieves Guild will have a large presence there. Hammerfell will be for warriors mainly and will have the Fighter’s Guild and Dark Brotherhood have a large presence. The Daedric quests will be far spread out and sprinkled throughout both provinces. There will be a necromancer questline in High Rock. The Adamantine Tower will be used in the main quest as a meeting place. With the Stormcloaks owning Skyrim, the eastern reaches of both provinces will have nostalgic connections to Skyrim, and the same as southern Hammerfell having nostalgic connections to Oblivion. Dwarven and Nord ruins in Hammerfell and High Rock as well as Ayleid ruins in Hammerfell will bring variety in scenery. In the end, High Rock will secede from the Empire and will join in an alliance with the Redguards and Stormcloaks to fight the Dominion. Expansion ideas include Thras and Dwemer Cities.


The Elder Scrolls VII: Dominion, 2032:

Province: Summerset Isles and Valenwood

Summary: 15 years after the events of The Elder Scrolls VI: Redfall, The Aldmeri Dominion finds itself beaten down and relegated to Valenwood and The Summerset Isles. The Merfolk struggle with their place in a continent that wants nothing but their reign to end. As a prisoner sent off to Summerset for crossing the border of the Dominion, you must find a way to navigate your way through a volatile area where the common folk lost their belief in their governments. Cyrodiil has dissolved the Empire entirely and was taken over by the new Daggerfall Covenant. Elsweyr was taken by the Argonian state in a bloody conflict between elf and beastfolk. The Altmer try to enlist the help of the Maormer from Pyandonea but fails to make any plea that would be taken. In this volatile environment, an elf of unknown origin reveals himself to the leaders of the Dominion and shakes the Elven culture when it is revealed it is an Aldmer that lives on the no longer lost continent of Aldmeris. The origin race has seen the work of the Altmer and has been extremely dissatisfied with their quest for power, and threatens retaliation to all of Tamriel if the Dominion does not stop enslaving Mer and other races. With this discovery, this adventurer is put on task by this mysterious elf figure to find an artifact deep in the isles that will be the key to stopping the Altmer in their tracks and bringing peace to Tamriel again.

New Gameplay Elements: Sailing is brought back but even with a larger effect. Sailing to different ports is a very important part of traveling. Magic will receive a new class in which it is used to travel between different levels and areas. There will be abilities to shapeshift as well into different races for certain amounts of time. Settlement building will be expanded into port towns and you will be able to build docks and such to build your trading with other cities. Transportation will also be a new spell. Mobility will be introduced like climbing and clamber in order to traverse the trees and mountains of Valenwood and the Summerset Isles. Alchemy will be greatly expanded. The ingredients list will increase exponentially and the table will be an activity that will require practice and skill to master. Spell-making will increase in size and allow players to combine spells, enchanting as well. Archery will be overhauled to allow arrow crafting and enchanting arrows with tensile strength affecting the height and length of arrows. Sneaking and thieving will get a facelift which will require lighting differences and the heaviness of the armor is perfect. Speech will be overhauled and the decisions you make as well as what you say will change everything. Swimming will be overhauled, and underwater treasure, ingredients, and shipwrecks will be a huge selling point.

Lore Additions: The player will have their race affect how they are treated. While they can travel anywhere, elf races have a higher disposition with the locals. Valenwood will be more welcoming to other races but Summerset Isles will be the most noticeable place where who you are matters. With the Dominion weakened, Valenwood will be a ghost town with famine and slavery abounding, as well as Summerset will be a strict place with strict rules on what you can say and how you can act. When the main quest is done, the Dominion will dissolve, and the player will get access to Aldmeris as a playable area. When this happens people of all races will finally swarm in and the cities will be bustling as well as stores that will open. Going to Aldmeris will unlock a whole new playable area and the trade between Tamriel and there will begin, connecting it to Tamriel. Cloudrest and Elden Root will be the centers of each province. The northeastern reaches of Valenwood will be multicultural, and the middle of the province will be extremely difficult to traverse. Pyandonea will be a major expansion.


The Elder Scrolls VIII: Midnight, 2037:

Province: Elsweyr, Blackwood (Cyrodiil), and Black Marsh

Summary: 250 years after the events of The Elder Scrolls VII: Dominion, the 5th era has been ushered in by the end of the Aldmeri Dominion and the signing of the Tamrielic Treaty by all of the provinces of Tamriel. For the first time in history, every single province is independent of each other and are part of an organization of peace called the Tamrielic Union. Elsweyr and Morrowind were released from the Argonians from fear of invasion by the new union, and Black Marsh was the last province to join after much deliberation. Since these events, the beastfolk have finally begun a period of independence where they can find their identities and prosper in the trade with all the provinces. The ideas of the Argonians still have remainders of the invasive psyche of their ancestors, but they have agreed to make peace with an independent Elsweyr and share wealth and resources together. In a twist of fate, the Hist start changing behavior in a way that makes the Argonians uneasy. At that very moment, the moons are blotted out by a dark cloud which plunges the area into chaos. At that moment, all the Hist die, and both races lose something of worth. Both are in an eternal night where they must work with each other to figure out who or what caused the phenomenon. A prisoner from a Leyawiinian ship is set free in the marshes of South Cyrodiil, and the occurrence happens when they are sleeping in an inn. The head of the races clash in Leyawiin as they have a meeting to discuss what happened, and the prisoner is caught in the meeting as an Imperial old man tasked the prisoner with spying there with the promise of coin. This prisoner gets wrapped up in the chaos and told to travel to remote places in both provinces to find this threat and put it down.


New Gameplay Elements: This game will make sneaking and thievery an extremely important part, and sneak as well as assassinating will be overhauled. Traversal through the swamps will require rowing, which will be a major part of travel, unlike normal paths. Each new playstyle will take time to unlock as skills need to be improved to reach certain abilities. Magic and combat will be largely carried over from the previous game. New weapons will be added though, like crossbows, shivs, lances, clubs, and double-bladed swords. The ability to carve wood will be added in order to make these new weapons, and resources will be needed to craft most weapons and armor, bringing a huge challenge and a survival aspect. Camping, water, and hunger will be added in order to bring a degree of realism for the players as they must be more scarce during the darkness. Once the cloud lifts, rebuilding the cities will be an important quest, and the player will have the opportunity to become a leader of the cities and villages, with all the politics that come with it. Advanced mobility from the previous game is expanded upon, and dodging as well as blocking will be overhauled. Exploration will involve the caverns below the provinces and cave systems that can be used to travel between different places. The ability to shapeshift will return. Sailing will come back in a similar way to Dominion.

Lore Additions: Black Marsh will be a survival area that will be jam-packed with large, poisonous animals and bugs. The trees will be extremely slippery and hard to climb. Rowing and combat from rowboats will be important as the marsh will be filled with water. Elsweyr will be split by the arid North and southern jungle, with the brunt of the population in the north and the jungle being harder to get to. Blackwood will be the only explorable area in Cyrodiil as the farther north you go the more ruins that will be from a destroyed Cyrodiil, ending in a run-down Bravil. Blackwood will be attached to Black Marsh and lead into the arid wastes of Elsweyr which will be covered in canyons and rocky outcroppings. The different Khajiit forms will be an important part of the province and the tribal beliefs they have will be highlighted. Different smaller beast races will create multiple storylines to add to the area and expand the Elder Scrolls lore. Nocturnal and Azura will play larger roles compared to other Daedra and Evergloam and Moonshadow are possible for DLC. Morrowind will become an expansion for the game in order to finally bring the mainland of Morrowind into a mainline game. Leyawiin will be the main player hub.


The Elder Scrolls IX: Tamriel, 2044:

Province: All of Tamriel, Yokuda, Aldmeris, and Pyandonea

Summary: It is the year 5E389, and Tamriel has been in a static peace for centuries. Ever since the second Void Nights of 5E256, the beastfolk have changed their societies to allow more open borders. Trade between provinces has never been better, and Aldmeris, as well as Pyandonea, are now explorable trade partners. Yokuda, Atmora, and Akavir remain mysteries as the planet of Nirn remains a mystery in many ways. A prisoner in rags arrives, washed ashore on the shores of Morrowind. With no memory of where they came from or how, they are taken in by a gracious Imperial who resides in Mournhold, the new mecca of Tamriel's east. A long lost descendant of the Septim dynasty, this Imperial with dragon blood wanted nothing more than to forget his past and what his ancestors were. The prisoner befriends him and is about to leave his home when he collapses and dies in a shocking incident of divine light coming through him. A disembodied voice rings from the small house and the prisoner is transported to an unrecognizable plane where he is revealed to be captured by the original god who created the universe, Lorkhan. This new form of the previous outcast of the gods has found his heart from the help of a group of Dunmer mages in the still ruined province of Vvardenfell that worship him. With the help of necromancers across Tamriel, a plan was hatched to find this heart and make Lorkhan a divine being again, with the promise of divinity to all who follow him after his dismantling of Nirn. The prisoner is freed by the aspect of Talos, or Tiber Septim as he traveled the astral plane in order to free them. The prisoner is given powers in order to summon Aedra energy to fight against this new threat and communicative abilities with all the Aedra. This person was blessed by the gods in order to bring about the defense of Mundus to the attempts for Lorkhan to destroy his mistake. With the assistance of the gods, this adventurer must traverse Tamriel, Pyandonea, Aldmeris, and Yokuda in order to find all the elder scrolls, and create a weapon with so much power it will slay Lorkhan forever, a last breath of the power the Aedra used to wield. The Hero of Nirn sets out to save reality and fight Lorkhan in a battle to keep the peace and solidify Mundus once and for all.

New Gameplay Elements: The Aedratic Gift is known to be a fusion of magic and combat. The ability to summon divine light and speak divine language allows a slew of things that can be done, which is possible no matter what race is chosen. Combination effects such as fire and frost, shock and leeching, sun and shock will be possibilities with weapons and spells. Speaking Aedratic language will allow banning enemies, manipulating the land, and summoning positive entities to fight for you. This does not mean necromancy won’t be allowed, as the player can pursue becoming a necromancer on its own time within the Necromancy Guild, which is a new organization created in Tamriel. Mobility, Aedra energy, and Aedratic sight will allow transportation between different realms and the ability to see into an area without being there. Shapeshifting returns, as well as levitation. With all of this in mind, balance is even more important in this game, so the use of every attribute will entail the inability to use another. For example, using Aedra energy, sight, or speech with the reservoir given will take away the ability to use magic for a time, and vice versa. Using shapeshifting will take away the ability to use Aedra energy and vice versa. The player must choose what attribute to use, between magic/necromancy, shapeshifting, and Aedra energy. Being a warrior will mean the player can use Aedra energy, but it will take time to master shapeshifting, magic, and necromancy. The only constant between all playstyles will be Aedra energy, which will in turn only allow certain forms of it to be used based on playstyle. No player will be barred from learning other things, but mages must choose wisely the abilities they learn, warrior shapeshifters as well, and thieves as well. Thieves can use Aedra energy to become better thieves, but then magic and shapeshifting will be whisked away for a time. The delicate dance between abilities will be crucial, as every player can use anything, but mastery will mean dedicating yourself to each ability. Mobility will be a consistent factor for all classes but will be easier if the player is lighter on their feet, as it uses stamina attributes. Enchanting and Alchemy will allow Aedra energy to be used to better allow them to be benefited from the use of it, but will also allow assistance for other playstyles. All the previous abilities in the games will be brought back in different ways as well like settlements, sailing, spell-making, arrow and weapon crafting, swimming, survival, city ownership, carving, cooking, alchemy, enchanting, disposition, sneak and thievery, and player choice. It will be the most ambitious, detailed, and content-rich Elder Scrolls single-player experience ever made, and will be expanded upon as the last TES and the base for all future expansions.

Lore Additions: With all these additions in mind, with the peaceful independence of all the provinces, travel between them will require border crossings. Disposition must be high enough with the government otherwise traversing through the province will be impossible. The only exception to this is the main quest, which will allow a high enough disposition to enter anywhere that needs to be. Dungeons, ruins, and cultures will all be inserted and every single place will be available in Tamriel. Part of the main quest is harkening back to Redfall and allowing Yokuda to be discovered and populated again, making it an expansion on the provinces in the base game. With the selling point of this being the last TES game that will be expanded upon, there will be three major expansions over the years. First, in 2045 will be the Forgotten Isles expansion, bringing the cultures of Atmora and Akavir an introduction to lay the groundwork for the next expansions. This will cover Roscrea, Esronjet, Cahrnoquay, and Ynslea. In 2047 will be a larger expansion called Atmora. This will jump off of Roscrea and be a huge land to explore and look into the origins of Man and the Nedic peoples. With a harkening back to Skyrim, the expansion will have a story revolving around a race of unknown origin still being there and that has been isolated from Tamriel for millennia. The last and final expansion which will also be a stand-alone purchase will be the Akavir expansion in 2050. This will be the final send-off for major TES content, and after this will only be small additions and bug fixes. This story will show the effect of all these crises, including the Akavir Invasion of the 3rd era, Oblivion Crisis, Alduin’s return, the return of the Aldmer, the Void Nights, as well as the War of Nirn. Akavir has long been uncontacted and unexplored ever since the 3rd era, and a few ships are shown to disappear off the shores of the Forgotten Isles and the Hero of Nirn has been tasked to sail to Akavir and discover the intentions of the beast races there. When they arrive, a whole new continent emerges, with brand new vegetation, enemies, races to play, dungeons, lore, and stories. Akavir is discovered to still house the last aspect of the et’Ada that a remnant of Lorkhan desires to grab. The final blow to his reign will happen and the possession of the races there must end in order to finally open Akavir to trade and heal the wounds that have been brought upon them in the past from eras of distrust and being ignored by Tamriel. This will in turn end the Elder Scrolls Saga in 5E 400, the unification of Nirn, which ushers in the 6th era of Nirn and the beginning of the Golden era of Mundus. The hero will be granted divinity as a 10th divine; a God or Goddess which allows them to go wherever they choose in Oblivion and Mundus, with small land expansions of planes of Oblivion over the years.


TL;DR: Big games, big abilities, goodly stories, much lore, definitely not happening in the slightest.

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