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My opinion on Invade

TheElderScrolls4 - My opinion on Invade

Everyone's talking about Invade, so I might as well give my own opinions.

  • Random keywords are not fun. Having entire matches decided by that one Daedra rolling Charge, Drain, or Ward is not that great of a dynamic.
  • I don't run into Invade much on ladder, but I ran into several Invade lists in the gauntlet. Sometimes it flops hard, and sometimes it snowballs. Again, not such a great dynamic.
  • Wax/Wane, Consume, Assemble, and Betray are all mechanics that could have been super overpowered – but they're not. The reason Invade is as strong as it is is because a disproportionate amount of the Oblivion expansion was dedicated towards it, which means it's easy to fill a deck with Invade cards and snowball like crazy.
  • Not really related, but why is Invade in the Guildsworn colors? The Mages Guild and Fighters Guild in ESO were busy fighting Sheogorath and Molag Bal respectively, so it's ironic that their colors are also those of the Mythic Dawn helping Mehrunes Dagon take over Tamriel.
  • The issue with gate bouncing is not the fact that gates cost 0 or retain their level, but that stacking gates makes them both harder to remove and easier to snowball. If gates did something like summon or draw 1/1 Scamps instead, then stacking multiple gates would net you more tokens, sure, but you wouldn't have a giga-mega-snowball that takes 12 prophecy javelins to save yourself from.
  • A gate's level should be tied to its health. So a gate starts with 3 health and gains 1 health with every level, and if for example a gate is level 5 and takes 3 damage, it becomes a level 2 gate. This makes a gate harder to snowball and makes spells like Spirit Knife and Lightning Bolt effective gate counters (also things like Rapid Shot and Firebolt for lower level gates).
  • Gates should be reimagined to grant a different effect. I could see it working something like this:
Gate levelEffect
1Put a 1/1 Scamp in your hand at the start of your turn
2Scamps cost 0
3Put another Scamp in your hand at the start of your turn
4Scamps have +1/+1
5Put another Scamp in your hand at the start of your turn
6Scamps have Charge
7Put another Scamp into your hand at the start of your turn
8When you summon a Scamp, gain 1 health
Odd numbers past 8Adds another Scamp to hand
Even numbers past 8You gain 1 more health every time you summon a Scamp
  • This limits the overall snowball effect of gates by A. Limiting you to 10 Scamps per turn maximum and B. only giving you bonus health after a certain point (which, while still powerful, gives your opponent a chance to come back). This, combined with the ability to damage a gate to reduce its level, should make Invade more fair.

Now for some points that I'm not so sure about:

  • Gates might be better if they were summoned in the field lane. If they stay in the shadow lane, it might be worth making them unable to gain cover.
  • Gates might be better if their level was reduced to 1 after dying/being bounced. Not sure whether this would make it too weak with the above changes.
  • Gates should probably cost something (not sure about this as it makes Tinkering less effective against it).

TLDR: Invade should be more consistent, less snowbally, and there should be a way to combat it that is not direct removal.

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