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My Personal Card Change Requests

TheElderScrolls14 - My Personal Card Change Requests

Hey everyone so I thought I would give my opinions on some cards that I think are unbalanced(overpowered,underpowered,e.t.c.). I’ve been playing this game since IOS launch, basically only play ranked(Around rank 5 every month), read through the subreddit everyday and watch quite a bit of YouTube content so I have a pretty good understanding of the game and the multiple play styles. I also play a wide range of decks from control to aggro to Singleton to full on theme decks(Self damage, keyword, e.t.c.) because I find them more fun than netdecks(I also never netdeck)

So here we go

Strength: Orc Clan Shaman-Change the text so it gives ALL friendly creatures in this lane breakthrough not just orcs Mighty Ally-I think the summon should be changed to +2/+0 and Breakthrough(I think +3/+0 is too much for a 3 cost 3/3 body and I am aware the summon doesn’t trigger every time but still think it’s too much as is) Withered Hand Cultist- The Health should be lowered from 4 to 3 so it can be killed with Ice Storm and other actions and better traded into Lumbering Ogrim-Decrease Attack from 7 to 6 Blood Dragon-Health should be lowered from 7 to 6(a 5/7 body which gets to ignore guards and attack creatures in any lane is too much for a 5 cost card imo)

Intelligence: Ghostgate Defender-Reduce the Exalt cost from 3 to 2 Clockwork City Pilgrim-Reduce the Exalt cost from 3 to 2 Glenumbra Sorceress-Reduce the cost from 5 to 4

Willpower: Thieves Guild Shadowfoot-Let the player whose card was stolen see what was stolen Cast Into Time-Either increase the cost to 6 or decrease the cost to 4 and make it only Banish the targeted creature not all the cards in your opponents deck(I know I’m of the minority opinion on this card)

Agility: An-Xileel Invader-Either decrease the cost from 4 to 3 or increase the health from 3 to 4


Endurance: Prophet of Bones-Decrease the Exalt cost from 5 to 3 Siege Catapult-Increase the cost from 2 to 3 or decrease the stats from 5/5 to 4/4 Squish The Wimpy-Change it to “A friendly creature Battles an enemy creature with less power” and increase the cost from 2 to 3 Haunting Spirit-Increase the cost from 3 to 4 or leave it at 3 cost and decrease the buff given from +3/+3 to +2/+2 Young Mammoth-Remove Breakthrough Bal Isra Warrider-Reduce cost from 5 to 4

Multi-Attribute: Sorcerer’s Negation-Increase the cost from 2 to 3 or decrease the damage done from 2 to 1 Assassin’s Ritual-Decrease the cost from 3 to 2

Neutral: Slaughterfish Spawing-Decrease the cost from 4 to 3 Assembled Conduit-Decrease the coat from 5 to 4(maybe might be too much for factotums)

There were other cards such as Rihad Horseman, Rihad Battlemage, Cornerclub Gambler, Bleakcoast Troll, e.t.c. That could be changed in minor ways but they’re mostly fine Imo

I believe most cards are balanced and there’s a lot of cards that are only useful/ good in certain themes/decks that’s why I didn’t recommend changing/ buffing most the cards that don’t see play just some that are completely outclassed. I also hate cards that can effect cards in your hand/deck that you can’t do anything about (cast into time, hallowed deathpriest, e.t.c.)

P.S. I also expect to get downvoted but before you downvote think about the changes I’m proposing and see how much it would change your deck. I really think with some of the buffs we would see a lot more diverse decks out there and shake up the meta a bit. Let me know what you disagree or agree with and why you do not just “you’re bad” or “you’re wrong” with no details as to why

P.P.S. Let me know what other cards should be nerfed/buffed/changed

Thanks for reading and I’ll try to respond to everyone!

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