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My theory on possible STORY and ENDING in Elder Scrolls 6! (Lorkhan, Thalmor, Numidium, Aedra)

TheElderScrolls1 - My theory on possible STORY and ENDING in Elder Scrolls 6! (Lorkhan, Thalmor, Numidium, Aedra)

So this theory is kind of based on this thread here :

TL;DR version of the thread is that the every TES game has a tower in its map (White Gold Tower, Red Mountain, Throat of the World etc) and since TES 6 will take place in High Rock and/or Hammerfell the tower for this game will be the Adamantine Tower. Also there are speculations that the new mechanic for the TES 6 will be naval combat.

So here's my take on what could be potential story and even ending for TES 6.


In my opinion the thing that is needed to be dealt and finished with in this game is Thalmor. Basically what they're are doing are going around the Tamriel destroying these so called "Towers" that protect the world of Nirn from Deadra and that the Adamantine Tower is the last one standing. Also we had so many stories with Deadra being the bad guy that I think that this time they will turn things around and make the big bad of the game Lorkhan(him being an Aedra) himself. Thalmor possibly are trying to revive Lorkhan and use him to destroy Adamantine tower (but more on that later).

So what is Lorkhan and Adamntine tower? Lorkhan is basically the Traitor God of Elder Scrolls universe that was killed by his brethren and his heart launched, creating the Red Mountain. Adamantine tower is the first structure on Tamriel and it was the last thing Aedra made before they left Nirn.


So the story will surely start as you being a prisoner, most likely captured by Thalmor in the region of High Rock or Hammerfell. After getting really lucky and escaping you will start on your journey and meet some quite interesting people that are onto what is Thalmor planing and they have a plan to stop them( one of the possibilities is that maybe the leader of the group is a Thalmor renegade/traitor).

You find out that Thalmor figured out that Adamantine tower was actually some kind of coffin made for Lorkhan's body, and that Thalmor are planing to revive him somehow, because only he can destroy the Adamantine tower because it was made by Aedra themselves. Your mission is to find a way to stop them of reviving Lorkhan or at least to find a way to defeat Lorkhan when he comes back.


But how do you defeat god? Simply, make your own god, the Brass God, Numidium. You and your team have the location of Numidium and that location somewhat serves as your base of operation, while the Adamantine tower would serve as Thalmor's base. Numidium itself is not enough to stop Lorkhan, but what if we upgrade it?

This is the part where the naval combat and exploration comes in play. Did you know that there are Aedric artifacts as well? (Auriel's Bow, Stendarr's hammer etc). When Aedra left Nirn their artifacts remained and are all but lost. It's going to be your job to find them, bring them back and equip them on Numidium. Now, there's possibility to equip them all, or maybe make your own unique Numidium.

Final stages of the game would include Thalmor successfully reviving Lorkhan and you and your badass custom Numidum fighting Lorkahn in one final giant robot vs god battle. In the end you kill the devil of the Elder Scrolls universe, defeat the nazi Thalmor bastards, liberate Tamriel and save the world.


Also I imagine player character more of Hero-of-Kvatch-type than that of Dragonborn-type. A normal fellow who just happened to be at the right time in the right place with right set of skills. In the end maybe the leader of your group would become the new king/queen of the new and united Tamriel and you his/hers right-hand. I say this because it would really simplify later references in lore (King's Right Hand or something like that), because it would be gender and race neutral.

Lorkhan and all of Aedra stuff would be quite refreshing because I think they're quite overlooked and not explored enough. And with getting rid of Thalmor, later games and DLC's would give Bethesda maximum freedom to give us something new and unexplored.

Your base of operation would be maybe some old giant dwemer ruin with Numidium standing in the middle something like Liberty Prime in Fallout series, with visual upgrades you've equipped him with. The naval battles and exploration and the final giant vs giant battle would serve as an an awesome way for Bethesda to flex their new engine(let's just pray that they will use new engine on TES 6) and its possibilities.

So that's my take on the story, what do you think?


Thalmor will try to revive Lorkhan. You and your crew will try to stop them by reviving Numidium and equiping him with Aedric artifacts that you will find trough sea exploration and naval combat. You will kill Lorkhan, destroy Thalmor and create a new Tamriel empire. THE END

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    Ezrah Karotan
    Jan 20, 2021 8:23 pm

    Interesting idea, but a few holes in the concept, or at least some overlooked concepts that would make things a WHOLE hell of a lot more interesting if this turned out to be the case.

    First. Lorkhan isn’t evil, or even antagonistic, at least not in the way people traditionally think. Lorkhan is the essentially the god of ‘evolution’ [as opposed to Mehrunes Dagon’s revolution.] He didn’t actually ‘betray’ the aedra, he just neglected to say that loss was necessary for the comprehension of ascendancy, limitation for the breaking of limits. He gave the world physical form and limitation so that it’s denizens might transcend those things, and he himself in amaranth. His plan actually opposes the plan of the Thalmor, diametrically and fundamentally.

    Second. Lorkhan isn’t actually ‘dead’, he’s daedra/aedra, he can’t die, Lorkhan is Shor/Shezzar [and by proxy all Shezzarines], he’s Talos [by way of mantling], he’s Wulfhart, and Talos, and Pelinial, and Zurin, and Hjalti, and potentially, from the C0DA and the mysterium xarxes in oblivion… also [albeit in a warped in twisted way, like a shadow] Mehrunes Dagon. He comes back in bits and pieces, until he gets it right.

    Third. The numidium is essentially a ‘sythetic lorkhan’, a constructed god that used his lifeforce to power it, but was supposed to be embody the will, ingenuity, and spirit of the dwemeri [it ran using the heart of lorkhan as it’s core and power source, it’s intellect was supposed to be dwemer though, basically recreating lorkhan in their own image.

    So yeah, Lorkhan might be able to destroy the towers and unmake mundus… but it’s the exact opposite of what he wants to happen, it’d doom everyone the world to be forever stuck in their current state… if the Thalmor in some misguided attempt to undo the world managed to ‘complete’ and wake Lorkhan… they’d have big, big, big, big, problems…

    The hero of oblivion and the last dragon born are both shezzarines, and it’s possible that the eternal hero and the hero of daggerfall were too [they have traits of shezzarines, fighting to save the world/humanity, for free well, to let the world ‘continue’], along with most of the in-world historical figures that have fought for the continued existence of the world.

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