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My thoughts after coming here from BFA

TheElderScrolls9 - My thoughts after coming here from BFA

So I cancelled my WoW account a couple weeks ago after the absolute BORE that is BFA. I was excited to get off my PC for a bit and play with my PS4…so I visited the PS store. Well, all ESO products on the PS4 were 50% off. I've always loved the ES games, so naturally I bought classic, morrowind and summerset. I've only played a few days but here are my initial thoughts (since I'm new if you have any suggestions/advice please let me know!):


Graphics: Tamriel is beautiful. Maybe this is from being used to the cartoony warcraft graphics, but this game is an absolute pleasure to look at. Cities are a real sight to behold.

Story: The little bits of story quests I've played through have been fun. Good writing. Hasn't felt like the standard "kill 20 of these, collect 20 of that".

Gameplay: Due to the combat and the storylines, I haven't felt like I've been "grinding levels". I'm enjoying the experience of leveling up, something I hadn't seen in WoW since WotLK. Exploration is a thing again! I'm not put on rails to visit each camp, there's lots to uncover while exploring the zones.

Crafting: The crafting systems, while similar to the "collect these pieces to make X" systems most games have, are more fleshed out than most other MMOs. I really enjoyed this.


Network: Out in the wild I never have lag issues, but when I'm in cities I see people running on their horses, I tend to see people rubberbanding a bit around me. Since I don't see this outside of cities, when combat is more important, this hasn't really bothered me.


Grouping: It's hard to find people to kill world bosses with, but I'm also not in a guild yet. I'm still learning how the grouping/social systems work.

Abilities: At first glance there's very few abilities, but the more I get into the game the more ability "trees"/lines I'm opening up, plus morphing, so I can see this getting much more in depth soon.

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Subscription: I'm not currently paying a sub fee, and just playing the free-to-play-after-buying-the-box mode. So far it hasn't been impeding my fun/experience. Doesn't seem like a pay to win game so far. If I continue to find I'm having a good time, I'll have no issues paying for the extra DLC that seems interesting (I've read they're pretty good).


Probably the only thing I can think of at this time is the menu system is pretty clunky on PS4, but might just need some getting used to. Class balance and viability of unique builds seems to be an issue according to forums, but what MMO isn't like that? The fact I can build my character how I want for a unique leveling experience is fun for me.

TL;DR ESO is a refreshingly quality MMO that I'm enjoying quite a bit.

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