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My thoughts on a cool Elder Scrolls Storyline that brings back Trinimac

TheElderScrolls14 - My thoughts on a cool Elder Scrolls Storyline that brings back Trinimac

I've had some scattered thoughts about a cool main storyline for possible Elder Scrolls title, provided that the Thalmor survive past ES6 of course.

I call it: The Revenant
A Champion envoy of the 9 Divines sent to enact punishment upon the Thalmor for their transgressions against Talos and Nirn as well as attempt to reconcile Man and Mer.

Depending on which race he belongs to, Man or Mer, his title changes. As Man he is "the Pelenial", Pelinal Whitestrake reborn to save Men from the Aldmeri Dominion

As Mer he is Trinimac reborn. Champion of Auriel come to stop the Thalmor before they make to grave a mistake.

In reality, he is both as the soul of the Pelinal Whitestrake is a shard of Trinimac. As it turns out, Boethia didn't defecate Trinimac so much as he shattered him, with a majority of his shattered existence reforming into Malacath making him quite literally a shattered mirror of Trinimac. Some shards, however, remained scattered across Nirn, with the essence of Lorkhan seeping into them.

When the Divines created Pelinal Whitestrake as their Great Crusader to aid Queen Alesia in her rebellion against the Ayleids, it was this "taint" of Lorkhan which drove him to ever more maddening fits of cruelty against Mer. This, in turn, caused great conflict in his mind, as Trinimac he had been the great defender of all Mer, a god to them, but he had "died" at the hands of a Daedra due to the actions of their Mer Worshipers. To boot, Lorkhan will be in him and he felt compelled to defend Man and slaughter Mer.


Pelinal's madness becomes more exasperated as he somehow discovers his connection to Trinimac. The now twice chosen Champion of Auriel/Akatosh, the Revenant will discover that Pelinor Whitestrake's madness was in part anger towards the Divines who forcefully resurrected Trinimac as a tool to punish the race which he used to protect.

However, this second recreation of Trinimac has only given this "Revanant" more free will, making him even less bounded to the Divine's control. This allows him to do as he sees fit in the world.

In turn, this amount of freedom for both the Character and the Player opens the opportunity for multiple endings that deviate a lot from each other. Between fulfilling the Divine's commands in exchange for minor "godhood", embracing Lorkhan's Legacy and becoming unshackled from the Divines whereupon even more choices will be given to the player as to how the story of the Revenant may end. Roaming Nirn as either a Demigod Paladin of Justice, or a raving mad Lunatic committing mass murder upon all races, using Aedra and Daedra powers to forge another option, maybe even flipping upon everything and siding with the Thalmor, or even reconciliation with your shattered mirror…

These are just ideas I came up with at random so you know, it's nothing super thought out, but I wanted to put them out there and this is the only place I could think of.

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