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My wish-list for the Elsweyr chapter

TheElderScrolls6 - My wish-list for the Elsweyr chapter

Here is my wish-list

  1. I want Elsweyr to be properly divided into two different zones, Anequina and Pelletine. Lore-wise they are supposed to be two distinct zones with different geographical features and politics. I don't want ZOS to merge them into a small contiguous zone, that won't treat Elsweyr right. Valenwood and High Rock were divided into three and a half zones, so please give Elsweyr its due.
  2. One or two dungeons that are integrated with the chapter, similar in difficulty to base game dungeons
  3. One full length trial. It has been long since we were treated to a full trial and it is long overdue at this point. The trial should have an approachable normal mode and a super difficult veteran mode. Suggestion: Halls of Colossus
  4. ZOS usually doesn't disappoint with the story, so I trust that they will do a good job.
  5. Few additions to keep the PvP'ers happy. Opening up the lower Nibenay valley and Topal bay in Cyrodill may be? along with much needed improvements in performance
  6. FIX the Skuldafn disaster while you are at it please
  7. A new class would be a double edged sword. It will be difficult to balance 6 classes so I really don't mind if they chose not to introduce one. But it will bring back a lot of players again if they do add a new class.

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