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Mysterious Akavir Community Update Log 1

TheElderScrolls8 - Mysterious Akavir Community Update Log 1

Hey guys It has been officially 2 weeks since we made our last post on here about the Akavir Mod Project! We have lots to showcase to you guys and lots of changes to update you guys on so make sure and read through all of this or otherwise you might get lost.

Lets go ahead and start with the small stuff (Goal changes, name change, logo, etc…)

  • We went under a name change since there has been many people before us doing stuff like this so we have changed our name to "Mysterious Akavir" which is named after the book of the same name.
  • We have officially set our pre-release model to an island in the Dragon Isles called "Ynslea" which is in between Tamriel and Akavir. We have set the name of the pre-release to "Mysterious Akavir: Journey to the East".
  • We now have a new logo! We held a logo competition on the Mysterious Akavir Discord and the competition ended with this beautiful piece!
    Akavir Final 2A - Mysterious Akavir Community Update Log 1

We have written so much lore about Yneslea (the pre-release model) I will categorize it for those who are interested in the special bits of the lore.

History of Yneslea

The inhabitants of Yneslea as with the other two Dragon Isles are the last free Men of Akavir and have inhabited the Dragon Isles for centuries since their ancestors first fled Akavir to the isles. Despite this, the Ynesleans would still come to heel under the Septim Empire in 3E 279 as the first stopping point along the Imperial campaign to invade Akavir.

Unlike Esroniet, the Ynesleans did not surrender to the Empire. Where Esroniet saw the Empires campaigns as potential for turning the Dragon Isles into a center of trade between Akavir and Tamriel, the Ynesleans saw it as nothing more than another foe from across the sea, and they would resist Imperial rule until 3E 288 when the Empire sent two Imperial Legions to put own the Yneslean rebellion. While the Empire succeeded in finally crushing Yneslean resistance, the campaign in Akavir soon failed as a result of this diversion.

In the years to follow, the Ynesleans would be incorporated into the Dragon Isles which became a territory of the Septim Empire. During the year 3E 433, communications with the Empire would cease for unknown reasons and the Ynesleans took their chance to attack the local Imperial fort and declare their freedom. Since then, Yneslea has been relatively isolated from the world, but this has suited the preference of the Yneslean people well.

Culture of Yneslea


Where Esroniet quickly adopted Imperial traditions and synthesized them with Akaviri traditions, the Ynesleans staunchly refused to participate in Imperial traditions and their culture and architecture very much visualize this. Refusing the Nine Divines, the Ynesleans instead staunchly worship their ancestors instead. Unlike Imperials and those of Esrionet, the Ynesleans keep statuettes filled with the ashes of their deceased which they give offerings to in exchange for luck and favor from the ancestors. The leadership of Yneslea is the Shaeri, the senior-most military officer of the islands warriors.

Now we will move onto the concept art. We have been very busy in the past two weeks recruiting talented 2D artists and we are now very excited to show off some of their concepts here!

f1ihqijmj0s31 - Mysterious Akavir Community Update Log 1

Serpent's Watch

All the warriors of the island meet at the Serpent's Watch Temple where they decide on the matters of daily governance as well as foreign relations. The temple itself rests on a cliff overwatching the sea between Yneslea and Akavir, watching for potential invaders.

us8nt4ypj0s31 - Mysterious Akavir Community Update Log 1


Once located on the northern shore of Yneslea, the village of Ynes relocated further into the swamps of the isle after imperials burned down the settlement as part of their conquest of the island. From the relocated site, the Ynesleans fought a long guerrilla campaign with the Imperials which would eventually cost them more than the expedition was worth.

frusqvpsj0s31 - Mysterious Akavir Community Update Log 1

Yneslean Guar

Yneslean Guars are chicken-like reptiles raised for their eggs, meat and their scales which are said to have alchemic properties. Yneslean Guars are a core part of the diet of the Yneslean people and one of the only livestock animals kept on the island.

We also have a couple of music pieces to show off as well. If you want to see them then go ahead and click this hyperlink to head to the official Mysterious Akavir youtube channel.

All right guys thats all we had to show off. We just want to thank everybody who has taken interest in this mod project and for those who have also joined the discord server. It really does mean a lot that so many people would care about a project like this. If you are interested in volunteering then please head here If you are interested in joining the discord server then please click this link

Have a great day guys!

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