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Naked duels : only way to measure class skill balance

TheElderScrolls3 - Naked duels : only way to measure class skill balance

The reason for the tests :

We are measuring class kits, the skills each class have and testing several builds naked to see what class has the best skills.

Methodology :

We believe Items only act as a multiplier of inequalities, increasing the power creep between class kits.Therefore I and guildies have done naked duels in NO CP.We had 10 players doing the tests and each player had to come with their own build and fight 2 times with each class against other classes.

Only class skills allowed. Healing is allowed if its a class skill.Food not allowed. Potions not allowed.

Results :

* I was filming but due to Nvidia driver crash the file was not saved ( I know it sucks ).

** I would like other people to do their own testing to confirm what we got.

*** Percentiles rounded down or rounded up.

Nightblade came out on top :

100% win vs Sorceror
67% win vs Templar
91% win vs Warden
98% win vs Dragonknight

Sorceror came in second :
0% win vs Nightblade
50% win vs Templar
100% win vs Warden
91% win vs Dragonknight

Templar came in third :
33% win vs Nightblade
50% win vs Sorceror
67% win vs Warden
88% win vs Dragonknight

Warden :
9% win vs Nightblade
33% win vs Templar
0% win vs Sorceror
50% win vs Dragonknight

Dragonknight :
2% win vs Nightblade (it was a Stamblade without weapons)
9% win vs Sorceror
12% win vs Templar
50% win vs Dragonknight

Conclusions :

1 – The ability to walk around the enemy to make it harder to aim proved to be one of the best ways to avoid damage, if not the best. Being able to dodge is also important specially against Wardens whose skills are very easy to dodge.


2 – Interrupts versus channeling was also very important.

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3 – Nightblades were able to use 1 and 2 more effectively due to their ability to engage and disengage.

4 – Mobility, high damage and iframes made Nightblades superior in all combats.

5 – Sorceror was good due to his pets which surprised us as a good way to keep up pressure.

6 – Sorceror Mage's Wrath proved efficient in attacking Dragonknights and Wardens through their reflect projectile.

7 – Mage's Wrath also proved to be hard to dodge because of latency (ping).

8 – Templar was the only efficient healer when under pressure.

9 – Templar was the best in countering Nightblades to some extent due to Eclipse.

10 – But the heal was not enough to keep up with Sorceror's damage plus pets.

11 – Templar is good in dealing damage and healing at the same time vs Wardens who cannot heal as much and do as much damage.

12 – Warden timed damage does not make a difference because damage right now proved to be better than damage 3 seconds later.

13 – Warden Immobilization is more expensive than the amount of stamina the enemy uses to escape.

14 – Warden's kit is lacking in damage options making the class very predictable. Both his damage skills can be easily dodged contrary to Sorceror's Mage's Wrath.

15 – Dragonknights are good at reflecting projectile and keeping the enemy immobile. DK immobilization is specially good to make the enemy run out of stamina.

16 – But DK's skills lack the punch to make the enemy play defensively as they always do versus Nightblades.

17 – DK dots seemed good to negate Warden's heals but not enough to negate Templar's heals completely.

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