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Naming Conventions for Dummies!

TheElderScrolls10 - Naming Conventions for Dummies!

So, you want to make a new character with a lore-friendly name, but you know jack shit about the lore? Well, you're in luck, cause I'm here to help. This guide is for the dummies who know nothing about the lore other than that it takes place in Tamriel, there are furries and lizard people, and some sort of bigass smurf is trying to take over the world.

Altmer/High Elf: If you're playing as an Altmer, then you need to name your character a stereotypical fantasy name like Ferondel or Siliros. I also find that medicine names are very elf-like, so naming your character "Tylenol" or "Calciferol" is perfectly fine. Also remember that Altmer DO NOT have last names

Argonian: Argonian names are inspired by the English translations of Native American names, so names along the line of "Rains-Fire" or "Slurps-Mud" will do fine. You can also follow the native language of the Argonians, Jel, which has lots of Zs and Xs, so your name could be Xhuseem or Zweefan or some weird shit like that

Bosmer/Wood Elf: Just follow the Altmer guide

Breton: Breton names come from the filthy root of France, so any French sounding name will work. Vincent Dupont, Marie Brodeur, or Guillard Larent are all acceptable. The more filthy and French it sounds, the better.

Dunmer: Dunmer names just sound like a pompous ass made them up to show that he's superior due to his fancy name. Stuff like Galen Llithrol or Nedral Umilor will work, but if you play as a Dunmer, you're a fuckwit

Imperials: Imperials have the coolest names out of all the races. Literally, not a single Imperial name is lame, cause they're all based on Roman/Latin names. Dexterious Impericous, Bartoman Seriundus, Cassia Exterino. They're all fucking awesome


Khajiit: Khajiit names are weird as hell cause they have a bunch of pre/suffixes like "Dro" and "Dar," "J" and "S," and many more. The actual names are based off of Morth African names, so imagine what a North African kitty would be named. Things like "S'ambiah," "Esan-Dro," or "Qa'rehd" are suitable. Khajiit also DO NOT have family names

Nord: Nord names are just viking names. Viking names are badass. Erak Stone-Fist, Asger Lion-Claw, Ghulki Earth-Breaker. You can't go wrong with a good Nord name

Orc: Orc names just sound like you threw up and the noise you made became your name. Also, Orcish last names always have either "gro" or "gra" before them depending on whether it's a male or female. Smongresh gro-Korbub, Gehki gra-Stalg, Atoggie gra-Lorgan are all example of how harsh Orc names sound

Reguard: Redguard names, like Khajiit, come from North African influence. So just name them something that sounds like an African warlord would be named. They don't exactly have last names, but an easy way to add one would be the prefix "at," "af," or "al," then putting another name. Barbadan at-Ubawa, Aluna al-Akir, or Jehrino af-Kulani are all perfect examples

Now you know how to properly name your characters, so please stop naming them stupid shit like "Queen Exaltimus," or "Xx_Dragon_SL4Y3ER_xX"

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