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Card: Namira's Shrine

Probably one of the strongest cards in Elder Scrolls: Legends and has been the topic of discussion for a little while now. Namira's Shrine has been a staple for control decks since Houses of Morrowind came out. It's strength lies in being a very strong value generator that allows your control deck to run a high quantity of early game tools without weakening your lategame. Namira's Shrine synergizes very well with Tullius' Conscription and it is that synergy which is arguably causing issues in the diversity of the meta.

Namira's Shrine has managed to become the strongest and most consistent value generator in the game. However, this comes at a price. The card has a homogenizing effect on the types of cards and classes that are being played. Because it skews decks towards the lower end and the options there are limited, those cards see a lot more play. Furthermore, higher-curve greedy/control cards are starting to get phased out of the meta. Consider a card like Eclipse Baroness was a backbreaking value generator in earlier years, it's considered too slow and too expensive for the little card advantage it generates.

Furthermore, the access to Ramp in Endurance makes activation of this card much stronger. This propels Endurance, already one of the strongest lategame colors partially because of this, to higher heights. Similarly, a class like Aldmeri Dominion has very little space to conquer in the control-archetype because it has no consistent way to contest supports. Even without considering classes, it's making a lot of new cards fairly unplayable because Namira's Shrine is just that strong.


Namira's Shrine has become rather controversial in recent times. We have word from CVH as well that Shrine "continues to be watched".

I'd like to hear what everybody thinks of the discussion surrounding Namira's Shrine. Personally, I don't think the card is in a good spot, but it does create it's own archetypes which are not necessarily overpowered (although they might choke other styles out of the meta) and it's rather difficult to change it.

Below I have done a few suggestions for potential changes, but basically, I'd just love to see the discussion break open!

Thank you for your time.

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