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Need actual answers and advice for PvP (please)

TheElderScrolls11 - Need actual answers and advice for PvP (please)

Okay hi, i am a little bitter so sorry in advance but i need genuine advice and answers here since i am incredibly confused. I play in Imperial City CP. Mostly solo but occasionally with a guild.

I play magicka warden: Ice Furnace, Necropotence, Malacath, (Heavy Armor), weapons are legy etc.

(35k Mag, 27k Health, 17k Stamina)

I took the basic advice and try to play accordingly for months now and got much better. Thats why i am once again asking for your help. (berniesanders.jpg)

Thank you in advance if you are taking your time to read! ^^

1- There are SO many Dragonknights, nightblades. Makes me wonder if my class choice was poor since whenever i get killed its one of those. With guild, i feel like i am doing very well but i later get this anxiety: "i might be doing nothing and what if i only got carried." So, how will i know?

(Latter questions are for playing solo)

2- For nightblades I HAVE to use my detect potion but if i can't burn them, which is kinda hard since i cannot burst if they are not squishy. Then, puff they are gone and whether they fight or not its up to them and i don't get to decide the circumstance which is a HUGE disadvantage. How am i supposed to deal with nightblades crawling everywhere without being a paranoid maniac.

3- Magsorcs. I feel cheated when they stun and teleport across the map while my only way of catching or escaping is to… run, depleting both magicka and stamina since i have to use the swiftness skill AND spint. So i give up mostly when they escape, which brings up the same problem. They get to chose we fight or we stop fighting. And if they are not foolish, they never pick a fight if they seem to lose, where again, i dont get to chose at all. Should i just drop being a mag warden? Or Is it possible for me to have a solo build as safe as theirs.

4- Dragonknight tanks (sometimes necros too). Ok this is the most confusing one for me. I learned and now know that in PvP, dd tank healer builds are different from PvE and sometimes the difference just doesnt exist. However, I see some tanks playing solo and a mfkin HORDES OF PLAYERS spam their attacks to them. Like at least 20. Their health never goes under %80 and this keeps going on forever. Then I thought "ok they have this concrete build and permablock and spam some defensive skills so maaaaybe its normal to have infinite sustain"

Then, he ulted, i saw a single animation of a skill and 3 people died while i lost more than HALF of my health.


What the hell? I have heavy armor, i constantly have defensive skills on, he is an unkillable tank, but has a bursty assasin damage? What am i missing here? I am much less tanky and i still have to land all my combo + couple of spams to kill an avarage build while they just blink while soaking up MILLIONS of damage. (I would love to see some numbers here because the damage dealt must at least be:

20 x 5k = 100k PER SECOND (If all 20 players suck and only spam a single skill like an npc. So i think i am pretty generous here)

(It cannot be "keep your defenses up and block on time" because thats like PvP 101 now. Plus, even 20 garbage players should be able surpass that)

So he was basically a Trial Boss. H O W

5- How does dodge work? When people dodge for 1-2 seconds all i see is the "dodge, dodge, dodge" text. Ok. But when i dodge when i see a dizzy swing animation, i die to dizzy swing and executioner DURING and right after my dodge. Do magicka builds have lesser dodge chance or something? I thought dizzy swing had a channel time as well but i die in 2 seconds, from a range like (just guessing) 10 meters because mostly they are not on my screen. I try to run like crazy, avoiding line of sight, running trough holes in the walls, up and down from stairs like a crazy person. But i still hear the damn swing sound when there is a huge wall and stairs between us. Like, i cant even hit you with my area effect how the hell does your sword hit me, THREE TIMES, UNDER 2 SECONDS (lol sorry, am a bit bitter)

Whenever i die to a ranged player i understand what happens. I got what i did wrong (mostly). Two handed tho, is such a mystery to me. Because i tried to simulate what happened with my alt:

i use dizzy swing and when my boyfriend slightly moves his character away it fails as its supposed to be. Meanwhile in Imperial City (or BGs, i know, ew) I dodge and run like crazy, still get hit from a mile away. I thought: Lag maybe? But lag can't be happening ONLY when i fight TH stamina players 😀

So yeah, sorry for the wall of text. I just tought "i finally understood PvP and now i only have to practice" then something like these happens and i feel like a complete noob and everything i know is useless, i am a garbage, lifes not fair and its all an illusion lol

Thanks again, if you got this far. I would love some enlightening answers 🙂

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