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Need help understanding numbers/stats, (MMO and ESO) newcomer.

TheElderScrolls7 - Need help understanding numbers/stats, (MMO and ESO) newcomer.

Hey guys! I played ESO, when it was released, for a couple of weeks and I have now returned and find myself a bit confused. I can't remember how it worked a few years ago and if much or anything has changed, but either way I need some help to understand what's going on with the stats. Any help is much appreciated!

1.) How does the resistance numbers work? From other games, I know that there's a value in absolute numbers but also a percentage attached to it so I'll know exactly how much damage is reduced, e.g. (randomly made up to illustrate my point: "armor 405 = 25% dmg reduction from enemies with equal level) and the game usually communicates the percentage along with the absolutes. How do I know if my resistance is worth anything and how much in ESO? Let's say I have 10k spell resistance, how much does it reduce the incoming damage?

2.) Why are my stats so high? In other games I usually start with low values and those increase quite tremendously depending on player level and equip. Here, even my low level char have like 15k health or more. Are those high numbers (usually necessary for nuances) really needed and does it make a difference if I have 19235 HP or 19678? It appears to me it doesn't. In theory and by calculations it doesn't make a difference if its 192.35 HP or 19235 if everything else is scaled by the same factor (100 in this case), so no big deal. It just confuses because in my mind high numbers are "reserved" for later content/high level chars.


3.) I have several chars, one lvl 17 wood elf nightblade (old character from release) and I'm currently at Auridon. It has around 23k HP and enemies there deal a good amount of damage (some fireballs from those Scamp creatures deal around 1,7k dmg) while I deal 1.9k damage (light attack) to their 31k HP pool. I have no real means of self-heal aside from potions so some fights can get tough quickly when I accidentally pull one or two other enemies. Now I also have a lvl 20 Breton templar who deals the same amount of damage (light attack), has 29k HP but seems to receive much less dmg than the wood elf. This character was created a few days ago when I started to play ESO again and is in Northern Elsweyr. A third character, lvl 8 Nord nightblade, has only 19k HP, but only receives like 800 damage per (normal) attack but deals the same amount of damage as my higher lvl chars (1,9k with light attack). I don't feel much difference between them and their levels when it comes to dealing damage, yet the damage they all receive seem to differ.

I come from (singleplayer) RPGs where I usually meet some tougher enemies that deal, at some point, massive damage and I don't stand a chance, so I level up, gear up, increase my stats, fine-tune my geard/build and overcome the challenge (that was also how it was done in WoW back then at release and seems to be the case in WoW Classic or when I played Neocron I played in 2003).

It feels like my gear is not really important at the moment and increasing my stats in such small increments isn't really doing anything nor it is needed. So, e.g. at WoW release era I was happy about every % I could get to reduce incoming damage. In ESO I don't even know what I get when I increase my armor by 400 nor does it seem to matter much.

With stats being an integral part of RPGs and my previous experience with the genre I want to understand the underlying mechanics (although it doesn't seem necessary for some characters/classes/races?).

I hope you can clarify those things. Thank you! 🙂

PS: The only MMO ever I played for months and endgame was Neocron which was very unique even back then and still is by today's standards. Apparently the MMO landscape and mechanics and underlying philosophy has changed much. Please help me understand it. Thanks! 🙂

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