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I made another post recently but I'll briefly sum up some things about my character. I'm playing a Stam-DMG Orc Dragonknight (Daggerfall Covenant). For roleplay reasons I wear heavy armour, primary weapon is the bow, and secondary weapons are dual-wield axes. I'm level 50 and at CP 200+ or thereabouts. In terms of armour I have a 5/5 purple Hunding's Rage (heavy armour), purple Selene Shoulders/Helm (light/medium), and then jewellery/weapons are all Spriggan's set.

I need some advice regarding the skills I should be use given the above restrictions. Currently on my frontbar (Bow) I have: Hail of Arrows, Poison Spray, Burning Talons, Volatile Armour, Poison Injection, and Ballista as the Ultimate. On my backbar (dual axes) I have: Flame Lash, Rapid Strikes, Stonefist (which I don't use much, haven't morphed, and clearly needs to go), Green Dragon Blood, Steel Tornado, and Dawnbreaker (not yet morphed) as the Ultimate.


I know that the above is very inefficient and poorly optimised, but I'm not sure what I should be swapping in and out to to improve it, keeping in mind I want to maintain the Bow as my primary weapon/frontbar and the dual-wield axes as my secondary weapons/backbar. Any suggestions?

Also, as an aside, I'm a bit unsure of what to do now that I'm max level (for gear-scaling purposes anyway). I've maxed all my crafting skills. I've been doing the daily undaunted pledges, although I'm not sure to what end exactly? I've also been doing my daily crafting writs and getting some sealed master writs (most of which I can't use, and I'm not even really sure what the benefit is of completing them). I also am strapped for cash and not too sure on how I should go about improving that situation.

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