The Elder Scrolls

Needing Advice From Experienced Warden Healers

TheElderScrolls2 - Needing Advice From Experienced Warden Healers

Just a few questions hopefully someone can answer. I am coming from a CP 300 Templar Healer so some of these questions may come off a little "stupid" to others. Alas, I'm here to learn.

  1. (This is more or less a TL;DR question, so read this first if you don't want to look at the other specific questions) What are the recommended Front/Backbar rotations? I know this game is all about experimentation, but Warden has a TON of useful abilities and I'm looking to be as much of an asset to my groups as possible. I'm not going to copy these into my own, but it'll give me a good reference to dance around whenever I edit my cycles.

  2. How important is Fetcher Infection in a group? I'm already running Storm Blockade to apply Minor Vulnerability to enemies as well as Combat Prayer to give my group the 8% damage buff. I know this ability's primary use is for bosses, but I only see it being a viable option if the DPS isn't pushing out enough numbers. But then again I may be wrong.

  3. Would you recommend slotting Lotus Blossom? The passives are amazing for the heals and the ability itself allows for Wardens to maintain some level of healing sustain while heavy attack weaving for mana recharging. I haven't seen it clutch draining health bars, but for the sake of not losing any healing capability while recharging, this is really good, especially since Illustrious Healing and Budding Seeds are normally reaching the end of their durations while I'm heavy attacking.

  4. What's stopping healers from replacing Enchanted Forest with ultimates such as Healing Barrier or Life Giver? I understand that the ability gives back ultimate if you use it on someone who's under 50% HP, which ultimately allows for some level of spam since the cost of it is so low, but I'm not impressed by it. It seems to me that Healing Barrier and Life Giver offer so much more in comparison, albeit at the sacrifice of low ultimate costs.

  5. Would you consider running Sanguine Altar? The Minor Lifesteal debuff on enemies is amazing to me, and is a guaranteed hit to all surrounding enemies in comparison to Leeching Vines. The responsibilities of a healer are managing (de)buff uptimes, resource replenishment, and keeping up HoTs as much as possible. And personally, I think this skill really fits the bill. People say that endgame tanks normally keep this ability slotted, but I RARELY see tanks use it in Vet II's. Maybe they do in Trials. I haven't been in one yet so I don't know.

  6. Speaking of tanks, should I worry about keeping Aggressive War Horn as a BiS since a lot of them have it slotted already? Not even just tanks, but I've seen some DPS run it too. And I can't recall the number of times I've seen 2-3 people pop War Horn at the same time on accident.

  7. This is the last question. Here's my rotation as of current (there are some abilities I don't have/morphed yet, so it's very premature):

  • Frontbar: Betty Netch, Combat Prayer, Enchanted Growth, Illustrious Healing, Budding Seeds, Enchanted Forest

  • Backbar: Sanguine Altar, Expansive Frost Cloak, Blockade of Storms, Elemental Drain, Lotus Blossom, Northern Storm

Eventually, I'm gonna need to make a spot for Energy Orb whenever I get it. Where would you put it and what ability would you toss out as a result?

  • I hope this wasn't too much to read, but I've watched a lot of videos and read a lot of forum posts and they don't answer these questions unfortunately. If you've made it this far, then thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me. <3

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