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Neutral Recruits = Fabricant Time???

TheElderScrolls8 - Neutral Recruits = Fabricant Time???

I've always thought that Fabricant synergy was underrated. With Alliance War introducing so many cards that produce the Neutral Recruit token, I see slots for Fabricants all over the place. Lets examine all the new factions and see how the fit, from best to worst looking at both Fabricant triggers and their use.

Empire of Cyrodil: Willpower/Agility/Endurance (Y/G/P)

Tons of Fabricant synergy. Empire Recruiter, Imperial Lackey, Clivia Tharn, and even Covenant Mail all produce Recruits. Marked Man obviously fits into what Empire wants to do but I also think Odirinian Necromancer will also have a place to keep bringing back your token generators and keep creatures in both lanes.

Possible Fabricants are {{Kagouti Fabricant}}, {{Nix-Hound Fabricant}}, and {{Hulking Fabricant}}

Honestly, I could play all of them in an Empire deck. Kagouti is the best choice as it fits right into what Empire wants with creatures in both lanes. Hulking Fabricant is a huge threat that requires hard removal, but maybe only run 1 or 2 since you will want to fit in Shadowfen Priest, Ahnassi, Divine Fervor, and removal. While having shackle from Nix-Hound is nice, I doubt it makes the cut with the other 4-drops available in this deck.

Guildsworn: Strength/Intelligence/Willpower (R/B/Y)

Now Guildsworn only has 1 Recruit generator revealed so far in Renowned Instructor. However, I see Steel Daggers as a cheap and flexible Expertise trigger, so that means Crown Quartermaster and Corsair Ship. Additionally, Marked Man produces a neutral Makeshift Defenses, which will also help protect your Expertise creatures.

Possible Fabricants are {{Verminous Fabricant}}, {{Shalk Fabricant}}, and Kagouti

For an Expertise focused deck, I see Shalk Fabricant as the best as it produces an Expertise trigger on its summon and is an okay guard for the cost. Kagouti Fabricant isn't a terrible choice for a token-style deck, but Verminous Fabricant is just bad and shouldn't be played in any deck.

Aldmeri Dominion: Intelligence/Willpower/Agility (B/Y/G)


Dominion has access to all the same neutral generators that Guildsworn does, but they don't really synergize with the Empower actions or the control-style that I envision most Dominion decks will play. However, I still think Dominion decks will utilize a few neutral triggers in Namira's Shrine, Merchant's Camel, and Doomfang Ally. Also highly possible that an Altar Dominion deck gets thrown together, which would be another Fabricant trigger.

Possible Fabricants are Shalk, Kagouti, and Nix-Hound

I think Nix-Hound Fabricant would be the best fit for the Shackle-Drain combo to stall your opponent and extend the game. Shalk has good action synergy, but it's not effective at blocking any big threats and would likely end up getting played just to block early aggro with no trigger and there are better options for that. If Dominion tokens get strong, Kagouti would be a good choice, but other 4-drops would be stronger in it's place

Daggerfall Covenant: Strength/Intelligence/Endurance (R/B/P)

For an item/Gardener/Mobilize focused deck, plenty of neutral triggers will be flying around. Add in Arcane Enchanter and normal items will have a chance to gain mobilize and produce a Recruit. Voice of Balance is another one to watch out for with Arcane Enchanter and Corsair Ship there to trigger him.

Possible Fabricants are Verminous, Shalk, and Hulking

Here, with item focus, and so many removal targets that will come down before him, I'm throwing Hulking Fabricant into this deck and not looking back. It also works as a great rage creature with improvised weapon, but will require the ring to OTK. I don't see a playstyle for Shalk to fit into and Verminous remains horrible.

Ebonheart Pact: Strength/Agility/Endurance (R/G/P)

I'm not going to bother here, because even if there were neutral's to trigger the effects, none of the Fabricants fit. You're not going to play Hulking over Sower, Jorunn, or Cliff Racer. You're not going to play Nix-Hound over any purple 4-drop and if you haven't realized it yet, Verminous is the worst.

I hope you enjoyed my look at Fabricants and where they might be fun to add into the new Alliance War factions.

TL;DR – Verminous Fabricant is garbage.

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