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New at dungeons?

TheElderScrolls10 - New at dungeons?

I would like to offer a quick and easy tutorial for people who are new to the game or just new to 4 person dungeons. Consider this a getting started guide and not a comprehensive be all/end all for the hard core amongst us.

Select the right role for your character (toon). If you’re new you’ll most likely be a damage dealer (DD, DPS).

Avoid frustrating the other 3 people you are with and cue for the correct role.


1) Primarily stay alive

2) Taunt bosses (this makes the boss focus on the tank who is equipped to take damage so squishy DPS and healers stay alive)

3) Position/turn bosses away from the rest of the group.

4) Taunt/pull minor bosses and adds. Group bad guys so it’s easier for others to kill.

5) Buffs other members of the group so you do more damage, stay alive. Debufs boss so he’s easier to kill


1) Keep tank alive

2) Buff group, debuf bosses

3) In random normal dungeons will provide damage until healing is needed.

Damage dealers

1) Let tank get initial agro on trash mobs so they’re nice and stacked. That means the tank will be first in a room, light attacking/area attacking whatever is there and going to a spot. It may be a corridor or where the boss is so all the enemy is together. Not all but a large amount of the trash mobs will have their back turned to you and it should be ridiculously easy to just melt them all.

2) Stay out of the red (area damage of boss). If the boss is putting down area damage stay out of it and do range damage. If the healer is working to keep you alive then he isn’t doing damage to make the fight faster.

3) Resurrect other players. It is the DPS who should be Rez dead members not the healer. While rez you may take damage from whatever killed your team mate. The healer should be able to heal you through the process so you all don’t die (wipe).


4) Position yourself correctly. There should be a tank facing you. A boss facing the tank with its back turned. Two damage dealers facing the boss laying down damage. Then the healer behind both DPS. Most healer burst heals are conal meaning if you’re not in front of the healer you won’t get it. Nor will you get the buffs from say Combat Prayer that help you do damage. Healers and Tanks are reactive positions that require flexibility as the situation changes. If you stand behind the healer it makes it more difficult for them. If you stand beside or behind the tank you will take damage meant for the tank.

The presence of a tank doesn’t mean you won’t get hit or take damage. The presence of a healer doesn’t mean you won’t die.

Make sure you have soul gems to revive yourself and others. Eat food before the dungeon starts. It will increase your health and resource pool of magic, stamina or both. Do this even for the easy dungeons. You will do more damage making the dungeon run faster, and be less of a burden on the healer.

You don’t have to be super awesome. If you cue for a random normal nobody will expect you to have a meta build. We do expect you to play your role, whatever that role is and to try even if you’re really bad you can have a great experience as most of us are helpful. Take the coaching if someone is trying to help you.

Lastly, if you’re doing a quest please say so at the beginning so we can accommodate. It’s not a problem but we need to know if you have to wait for dialogue to end or to hit a skippable boss.

Bonus advice. If you want specific gear or to trade items let the group know at the beginning so we can stick around after it’s over. Then wait until the dungeon is over before inspecting your loot. Don’t be the guy who makes everyone wait while you check inventory after every boss.

Enjoy the undaunted event.

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