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New Dungeon and Sets

TheElderScrolls7 - New Dungeon and Sets

Just thought I'd post an idea for an 8 man dungeon. Like a mini trial of sorts. Perhaps in a Skyrim or Snow Elf based DLC.

New Sets and Dungeons:

Frostbite’s Grotto: A new 8 man dungeon where 2 teams of 4 need to split up from the start and take different paths. The two teams work together opening locks and disabling traps for each other. They only join together when facing the midway boss and final boss of the dungeon.

Boss 1 Team 1: Grathmalog

A powerful troll that can summon ice spikes from the ground that freeze players that get hit. Players must free each other using a synergy. Being frozen for more than 4 seconds will insta kill the player.

Boss 1 Team 2: Frostburn

An ice wraith that can apply a powerful Frost based burning status to players it hits, this status increases in damage over time and can only be removed with a cleanse. Failing to cleanse will eventually kill the affected player. During the fight there are other regular ice wraiths that need to be taken care of.

Boss 2 Team 1: Ice Dancer Flo

A dual wielding Khajiit ice battle mage that has 2 powerful polar bears that deal high damage. The polar bears need to be taken care of first as while they are alive the main boss has an ice shield that reduces her damage received. At 50% health she will resurrect the bears, but now they deal more damage and have a new attack that will pin a random player to the ground. Other players must bash the bear before the player is instantly killed.

Boss 2 Team 2: Treasure Hunter Daluth Vahn

A treasure hunter Imperial that deals high Fire Damage. Throughout the fight Vahn has a fire aura that increases in intensity making his spells hit harder until he starts one shotting players. This aura can be weakened by either applying the Chilled status or luring him to the sides of the arena and waiting for a small avalanche to fall on him that periodically happens. This avalanche can also hurt players so they must be careful as it deals high damage. This fight becomes more of a DPS race as at 30% health Vahn will start to summon a large fire explosion that will wipe the entire team.

Boss 3 Both Teams: Freya Frostfang and Arya Frostfang

2 Breton Ice mages. Freya is a ranged caster that deals high damage. Her snow storm is a large AoE that immobilises players. She can also randomly summon an ice spike that deals high damage on a random player requiring the team to keep moving. Players that get too close to her will be hit by her summoned Ice Wraith that will crash into the player and apply a powerful DoT. Her most powerful ability is a giant snow orb that travels slowly dealing damage over time to players that get too close, this orb will travel towards Arya. If it gets too close to Arya, then Arya will detonate the orb which will wipe everyone. Players must destroy the orb before this happens. When Freya gets to 20% health she will summon an indestructible ice orb. Both bosses must be killed before the orb reaches Arya.

Arya is a melee caster that applies snare effects to enemies caught in her sleet storm AoE. She also channels an AoE pulse that will freeze players that get hit stunning them for 3 seconds. This pulse can be dodge rolled. She also gains a damage shield every 20% health that she that will pulse for Frost damage until it is broken.

The team must split up and take care of each boss with each tank taunting a different boss. Failing to tank both at the same time will result in a wipe due to overwhelming mechanics and incoming AoE damage. It is also critical that they are kept as far away from each other as possible.

Boss 4 Team 1: Cataclysm:

An ice atronach with a massive amount of health. Every 20% health he loses he will channel for 5 seconds a large frost nova that will wipe the entire team. Players must go to the edge of the arena and hide behind an ice pillar to protect themselves. However, there are only 4 pillars and so they must hide behind the same one. At 30% health the boss will apply a powerful snare to the entire area, if the team get his health to 20% and they are too far away from the final pillar they will not make it in time and wipe to the final frost nova.

Boss 4 Team 2: Deluge:


A nereid that deal can fear players near her causing them to run away. The boss itself does not do too much damage, however surrounding her platform is ice water that will quickly kill players that stand in it. Also, adds will spawn in the water that after 10 seconds will use an attack that pulls a random player towards them. Players must kill these adds in order to win. The boss does not have too much health but failing to kill even a single add in time can result in a wipe.

Final Boss Both Teams: Frostbite:

A giant Ice Wraith that does not have a lot of health, but his frequent use of damage shields make him hard to take down. He gains a damage shield every 10% health he loses. There are a number of regular ice wraiths that regularly spawn that must be dealt with before they overwhelm the team. The fight is fought on top of a mountain.

The mechanics of the fight require team members to keep a close distance to each other. He will randomly target one player from time to time and inflict them with a frostbitten status applying a powerful DoT to them, after 10 seconds they will be frozen solid in an ice block for 3 seconds. After this stun has expired or if they break out, the ice block will shatter in an AoE that will instantly kill any players caught in its blast. He will also channel a powerful ice ground attack that will target one player. The other team members need to get into this AoE to share the damage. Throughout the fight a powerful blizzard will hit the mountain top that will push players off the edge killing them, this push effect can be lessened by blocking. Therefore, fighting in the middle of the arena is the best strategy. Finally, the battlefield itself applies a constant DoT that deals less damage the more players are close to each other. This DoT deals double damage during the blizzard phases. Placing fire effects on the ground can also reduce this damage over time effect by 5%. The only other attacks the boss has is its regular attack and a charge stun similar to regular ice wraiths.

Set Pieces:

Frostburn (Light Set):

2 Pieces: Adds 129 Spell Damage

3 Pieces: Adds 833 Spell Critical

4 Pieces: Adds 129 Magicka Recovery

5 Pieces: Your Frost Damage abilities have a 15% chance to apply a Frost Damage based Burning Status to enemies hit. When this effect occurs your Spell Damage is increased by 525 for 8 seconds. This effect can only occur every 12 seconds.

Ice Dancer (Medium Set):

2 Pieces: Adds 129 Weapon Damage

3 Pieces: Adds 129 Stamina Recovery

4 Pieces: Adds 129 Stamina Recovery

5 Pieces: Adds 129 Weapon Damage

5 Pieces: While Dual Wielding, your Frost Damage abilities deal 25% more damage and scale with your Max Stamina and Weapon Damage.

Cataclysm’s Might (Heavy Set):

2 Pieces: Adds 1206 Max Health

3 Pieces: Adds 1206 Max Health

4 Pieces: Adds 1206 Max Health

5 Pieces: While you have a Frost Damage ability slotted you gain Major Toughness, increasing your Max Health by 20%.

Frostbite (Monster Set):

1 Piece: Gain Minor Slayer increasing your damage against dungeon and trial monsters by 5%.

2 Pieces: Whenever you deal damage to a target you have a 20% chance to inflict them with frostbite for 10 seconds dealing 1200 Frost Damage every second. After 10 seconds there is an 8% chance of freezing them in a block of ice, stunning them for 3 seconds. When this stun expires, the block of ice shatters dealing 3000 Frost damage to nearby targets. This effect can occur every 10 seconds per enemy.

*We have never got a Monster Set that gives Slayer buffs which I think is a shame. This would allow builds to build crafted or overland sets and still get the Minor Slayer buff. Furthermore, since this is an 8 man dungeon and effectively a mini trial it would give this set a special place in the game.

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