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New-ish player here – Is a NB Drain/Leech Tank a viable build?

TheElderScrolls8 - New-ish player here - Is a NB Drain/Leech Tank a viable build?

Hey all. So I've been very casually playing through this game for a while now. Over the span of about three years, I've played for maybe a month each year, spread out across the year. Almost everything I've done is just solo quest stuff and exploring the world, with the exception of a few "group" events where there's a ton of peple i the same area.

I say all this to illustrate just how little I know about this game. Other than the basic block/interrupt/what my skills do stuff, I pretty much know nothing.

I've gotten my character to level 50 at this point, with a few Champion points to my name as well. I've had an itch to do some dungeons/structured group content recently, so I looked up if my NB drain tank build was viable. It's what I've been using my entire time leveling, because I love the flavor of a tank that stays alive by draining enemies.

Anyway, before I get in to actual content where people may rely on me, I looked it up, and it seems like a lot of people seem to think this type of build wont work, or at least wont work anymore for whatever reason. My questions are:

  1. Is a NB drain tank build feasible at all, in any way? I'm not going to be tanking whatever is the highest tier of super-duper-hard end-game content, I mostly just want to have a good time in some dungeons.
  2. If it is, what does that build look like? Right now my build is kind of all over the place I think (didn't look anything up while leveling so it's just a mash up of skills I thought would work together).

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