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Newbie NB questing and solo gear

TheElderScrolls9 - Newbie NB questing and solo gear


I am a new player, started july 2018, and have a stamplar khajiit cp 400+ with caldwells gold, and a healer leveled up. Now that i'm starting to get a feel for the game, I like to start questing again, a fresh start with a new (for me) build.

I created a new char, Khajiit nightblade. Leveling her up at Sentinel Docks, getting a feel for skills and weapons (dw/bow), and ranking up Fighters guild at the same time. At the moment I am using Alcast farming championspoints setup, and it works fine for now, with training gear. ( I want to get her to lvl 50 before questing, and I aim to white out the vanilla maps.


What I was wondering, since I cannot find any setups thats not pvp/pve focused, does anyone have any suggestions for questing / soloing gear? This char wil not be running pve or pvp. I like a sneaky but damage dealing build. Overland, crafted or dungeon sets, I don't do trials.

I also wonder about skills, I'm going stamblade, and don't know what skills converts to stamina. Recommendations on what to level up is much appreciated. Need sneaky, but also heals. I'm not gonna get Vigor and Caltrops for this one.

PS: English is not my first language..

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